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The author of “Iduna” has created a cool new sculpture

Автор «Ждуна» создала новую прикольную скульптуру It remains to be seen whether the new “monsters” is popular.

Photos of the new works of art by the sculptor from the Netherlands Margriet van Brefort published in his Instagram.

The sculpture represents wrinkled carcass skin color. Because of the folds and the big nose lumbering creature lying like a dog or seal. While it has hind legs – human legs.

In the signature to publish Brefort announced that to look at her creation on the Dutch exhibition in the Hague. “He needs a name!” she said, adding that the nickname must be in English.

Subscribers to the new creation of Brevort enthralled. They began to invent many different names for the creature. English commentators offered to beat sad sculpture (Saddy) or its similarity with an ugly puppy (Pugly).

Also among the proposals such names as Sgrosso, Howler, Sirenes, Iron, Hochun, the Liar, the Slide and Culinaerie.

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