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The Australian of 28 years did not eat sugar: what happened

Австралийка 28 лет не ела сахара: что из этого получилось 70-year-old woman and did not expect such a result.

Carolyn Hartz frontline exclude from their diet sugar 28 years ago. According to her, this enabled her to maintain the figure in good shape.

A resident of the Australian city of Perth Carolyn Hartz frontline became a role model for many women. 70 year old woman looks much younger than his years and demonstrates slender figure.

One of the main secrets of the beauty of Caroline is that 28 years ago she refused sugar. In addition, the Australian adhere to a healthy diet and watching the size of your portions.

“I am an optimist. Even when in my life I face challenges, I learned to stay positive. I always remind myself that the glass is always half full,” — said Hartz frontline.

Note that Carolyn have three children. In addition, she set up her own company to produce desserts that do not contain sugar.

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