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The Australian found a giant spider in his car (VIDEO)

The monster climbed on the sun visor in the car when she was driving. What to do with the woman behind the wheel? Run? She chose to Ignore the other… and swearing!

The incident occurred on Friday evening. Bianca Merrick, a resident of the city of Coffs harbour, in New South Wales, Australia, was driving in his car home. And it turns out that comes close to her huge spider! Hell, I did not seem to suffer from arachnophobia, but you know, I think this arthropod monster, expectant of something over my head… in short, I would shit in my pants, but moved to.

That told then Bianca:

I was driving home from work. Looked up and saw it was staring at me. I thought to stop, but didn’t know how I’ll get out of the car so decided that the best option would be just to go ahead and imagine that the spider is not there.

In the end, the woman and the spider came all the way home together. And according to Merrick, it was the longest twenty minutes of her life. Some moments of their journey together captured on camera.

Well, on arrival home…

I slowly got out of the car, closed the door, went to sleep and pretend none of this ever happened.

In any unclear situation go to bed. That’s right. But what happened to the monster? It drove? Or did he go himself? Unknown.

In the morning Bianca Merrick armed with heavy artillery in the form of a broom and bug spray (don’t care if spiders are not insects) and under war music (this is my fantasy) went to protect his car from the invader. That’s just the interior no one showed up. Bianca decided that spider is gone.

But I think he’s hiding.

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