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The audience dissatisfied with the rigid refereeing of Renata Litvinova at “Minute of fame”

The user of the program “Minute of fame” decided to change the celebrity judges now evaluate the room the speakers will be actress Renata Litvinova, TV presenter Vladimir Pozner, showman Sergey Svetlakov and actor Sergei Yursky. In the first edition of Renata showed himself a tough judge: actress allowed too harsh statements against the speaker. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The frame of the program “Minute of fame”

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Assessing aspiring poet, Renata said, “the Poem seemed to me rather weak. And that’s why this stupid, mediocre visuals? I do not like it. Read books, write poems — you need to decide who you are and what you want to do.” In another speech, she criticized the dance: “I do not understand why I have so long to look at these your feet? Why are you wearing such tight pants? And they are scary tight! With all the details! Do you think that it is terribly beautiful?”

The frame of the program “Minute of fame”

Viewers were dissatisfied with this attitude to the female participants of the show and commented in Instagram actress: “As you are tough with all the cost” (Spelling and punctuation authors hereinafter. — Approx.ed.). But the vast majority supported the actress: “Renata, you are so patient, it’s necessary to revisit so many freaks with your sense of beauty”, “Renata Muratovna real, without hypocrisy or flattery, watching this show just for her”, “how is it that she needs to flatter mediocrity every? Has the right to say what he thinks”, “I only have eyes for You, Renata. I too, like You, not everyone is ready to “eat” what is called art.”

The frame of the program “Minute of fame”

Recall that in different years the jury “minutes of glory”, met Alexander Maslyakov, Larisa Guzeeva, Elena Obraztsova, Larisa Dolina, Mikhail Boyarsky, Vladimir Vinokur and others. The project is an adaptation of the famous show Simon Maya cinemas and the farm “Britain’s got talent.”

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