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The audience at test screenings did not appreciate the new “Curse”

Let us restart the dreaded Japanese series “the Curse” and received an impressive review from starring in it actress Lin Shay, who called it the worst film in his career, the latest news from the field report that in fact everything is not so smooth. Or maybe, once again, acknowledge that fear is an individual matter.

Work on “the Curse” Nicholas Sand is not yet complete, but Studio Sony has arranged a test screening of the film – and if you believe one has been there help, viewers are left disappointed with what he saw. And they saw, he said the following:

The story takes place in the United States.
He’s not terrible and relies only on primitive “screamers” that are comparable with those that were in “And turns off the light.”
The plot contains three lines, about a family living in a haunted house, about a detective investigating the murder, and about realtors trying to sell the house.
The ending is “open”, it is assumed that the producers want to continue in the sequels.
Key actions and motivation of the leading characters are not explained.

On the one hand, to hear this sad – still some hope for this Curse I had placed. On the other hand, we should remember that the test audience similarly quarreled and fresh “Halloween” by David Gordon green, after which was organized reshoots, and the film eventually turned out to be one of the best in the entire franchise. So to draw final conclusions and to pass sentence rashly earlier.

Wait better June 20, 2019, the stated date of the premiere of horror.

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