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The attractiveness of investment proven!

Привлекательность инвестиций доказана!

The crowd of some analysts, tram economists, a Horde of advisers and bums scratching their heads over how to increase the investment attractiveness of Russia and to improve its investment climate. Program writing, conferences, in St. Petersburg has once again held on this topic as much as a international forum.

And the question is solved in elementary! Just one district judge and one verdict — and the issue is solved! After all, how much improved the climate, and how wildly increased the attractiveness of investment in Russia after taken into custody czars! Significantly increased everything! Now the forum itself is not needed — with balalaika, birds, threes and sturgeon.

Actually, a similar conclusion was reached, as I understand it, the countrymen of this poor guy Calvey and to the Forum they can not wait. The attractiveness of investment proven! The state guarantees solid as the granite embankments of the Neva! And the rules of the game are transparent and constant as weather in St. Petersburg and the sky Hail Petrov. Or am I missing something with the sky and the weather is messed up?

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The recipe, by the way, is universal. In our economy, say, well invested by the Germans. Not seat next to Michael Calvey at the door of some Fritz Muller? An Italian one, a jap, a Frenchman from Bordeaux. You can even find boarding the wealthy Chinese! The more put all sorts of infidels — the more willing they will be to invest in Russian companies and is not afraid of the words, startups!

And don’t try to find logic in this.

Even when caught Calvey, the Kremlin interpreters and commentators immediately said that the arrest of the oldest, largest, most authoritative investor, the soul is not cassago in Russia and a quarter of a century for her aching — it does not matter. The intercession of everybody, however, was also not a problem.

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In General, it is not surprising that American businesses want to boycott the St. Petersburg Forum. It is surprising that they came to him before, that really think Russia, in spite of everything, an interesting market, saw the opportunities, turned a blind eye to sanctions and political disputes.

It is surprising that such I would say, believers still had quite a lot. And since logic was not in it before, you should not look for it now.

Perhaps, despite the arrest of Calvi and the boycott of the Forum, Americans and all other foreigners must pay us all the money — just substitute pocket. And if Kabir will give a real good time — so all will not rebound from those wishing to absolve themselves for the sake of us the last shirt.

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