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The astronomers tell whether life on extrasolar planets

Астрономы расказали, возможна ли жизнь на экзопланетахScientists believe in the possibility of the presence of life on extrasolar planets.

A team of astronomers from the American astronomical society conducted an analysis of the possible discovery of habitable planets outside the Solar system.

The study is published in the pages of specialized publications Space Daily.

The overall conclusion of the publication boils down to this – there is every reason to assume the existence of habitable exoplanets.

At the moment, officially confirmed earth-like planets outside our Solar system are considered 216 celestial bodies.

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They are all located on different degrees of distance from their stars, and the stars often do not coincide with the Sun in chemical composition.

Observation of distant planets is extremely complicated because of a too low brightness of the planet compared to its star.

Research scientists are within the mission of the Kepler search is suitable for the emergence of intelligent life of the heavenly bodies.

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For the help of specialists adapted telescopes “Apogee” and “Hubble”. Scientists believe the presence of about a hundred billion extrasolar planets in our Galaxy alone, the milky Way.

According to conservative estimates, at least 5% of these planets have similar Land characteristics.

Because of too large distances, astronomers do not have the capacity to provide any reliable information about planets in other Galaxies.

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