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The astronomer found space “vampire”

Астроном обнаружил космического "вампира"Scientists have identified the mechanism of “eating” pulsars stars-neighbors.

Amateur astronomer from South Africa Andre van Staden discovered an unusual pulsar–”vampire” in the constellation Sagittarius, the observation of which helped scientists to determine why these “dead stars” sometimes cease to draw energy from his companions.

The results of observations of scientists published in the Astrophysical Journal.

Pulsars are a special type of neutron stars, from which the poles are beams of radio waves. Usually young pulsars are rotating very fast, but gradually slow down as it will spend on the rotation of your energy. However, if a pulsar has a companion, he may again begin to rotate. Pulsars-“vampires” take up the matter of the neighboring stars is not constant, but with large breaks.

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Previously, astrophysicists believed that these breaks are related to the fact that the neutron star periodically “bogged down” and starts to throw and not to absorb matter. Now, thanks to the observations of van Staden scientists think that it is not.

Watching the pulsar J1723-2837 for several weeks, van Staden noticed that the brightness revolve around his star has varied more than the star has made one revolution along the orbit. In addition, he found that on the surface of this star had an unusually large sunspots that appeared in certain periods of time. After analyzing these data, scientists concluded that the pulsar stops “eating” the stars are not alone.

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Judging by the appearance of spots on the stellar surface-neighbor J1723-2837, she actively resists eating with a powerful magnetic field. When the pulsar starts to drag the matter, the star gradually “unwinds” that accelerates the flow of plasma in its interior and enhances its magnetic field.

This field prevents the escape of plasma consisting of charged particles in the direction of the pulsar. This discovery may explain the strange “behavior” of pulsars, including the answer to the question of why they sometimes instantly turn into objects of another type.

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