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The astronaut encouraged the human race to colonize other planets

Астронавт призвал человечество к колонизации других планетAldrin urged to stimulate interest in space flight.

Buzz Aldrin, who in 1969 went to the moon, said that humanity’s time to make an important step in the exploration of other planets.

Thus, the most promising for colonization is Mars, Aldrin said in an interview with Futurism.

According to buzz Aldrin, by the year 2040, Mars will be even built and inhabited by people of the first settlement. From his point of view that these plans become a reality, now is the time to drum up interest for future Martian expeditions.

“A passion for research inherent in our nature. We, as a species, are very curious and always want to see what’s over the next hill. Don’t forget, it took only 66 years from the time when flew the Wright brothers, before the rocket flew to the moon” – said buzz Aldrin.

Not so long ago, Aldrin took part in making the film in the format of virtual reality, which tells the story of colonists on Mars. The astronaut is sure that this experience will help form people have “a genuine interest in science.”

“Possibilities of space exploration are limitless. Mars will be the next step towards space exploration. I believe that he will be the first planet that we colonize, we,” — said the astronaut.

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