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“The astral plane” will be the attraction of horror (VIDEO)

“Astral: Chapter 4” moved to 2018, however some lucky people can get acquainted with the picture this fall. However, it is not in cinemas, but in the form of the attraction in the theme Park Universal Studios Hollywood.

Project Halloween Horror Nights for more than 25 years pleases fans of the genre in the United States, and lately also in Japan and Singapore. These professionals carry the entourage of a famous horror movie in reality to frighten Park visitors.

This year one of these rides in Hollywood will be dedicated to the film “Astral: Chapter 4” (Insidious: Chapter 4):

New labyrinth of fear will be forced to delve into the past of a brilliant parapsychologist Dr. Elise Rainier, starting from childhood, when for the first time revealed her paranormal abilities and to the sudden death of her mother through the fault of some demonic entity.
Chased by an evil supernatural spirits trapped in the Astral desert of the lower world, between life and death — Dr. Reiner will accompany guests in a disturbing trip back in time through a portal to the reality… in order to challenge the most twisted and frightening creatures that tormented her since 1950-ies.

The maze, called Insidious: Beyond the Further, on September 15 and will last until 4 November.

In addition, the Park Universal Studios Hollywood includes new rides based on the iconic painting “the Shining” by Stanley Kubrick, and TV series “ash vs. evil dead” and “American horror story: Roanoke”.

Well, the cinematic “Astral: Chapter 4” we will see a January 5, 2018.

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