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The Asian maneuver of Putin

Азиатский манёвр Путина

Russia managed to make the USA – to create an economic project in which one table I would have gotten South Korea and the DPRK.

At one of the sessions at the WEF representative of the Ministry of Railways of North Korea announced its intention to develop a joint railway with South Korea and Russia. First, Russia is a promising way of cooperation, which clearly need to be implemented in order to expand its influence in the Asia-Pacific region and increase the trade turnover, which already has a high volume. Pretty much depends on a well-established railway lines, with whom we have everything in order. In the compartment all this gives a powerful advantage to the United States in Asia.

In addition, it is possible to discharge in a rather unstable relationship between North Korea and South Korea. Russia turns to bring the countries together in an economic or military partners. At least Western countries are successful in only a provocation, setting up a confrontation. Therefore, the competent diplomatic course Putin is another aspect that can increase its international leadership.

Today Russia is one of the most promising partners in all directions, that only proves the presence of a large number of countries East economic forum. Besides, Russia has great investment appeal, despite the attempts of the West to denigrate the economic climate due to poorly implemented package of sanctions.

Surely this is not the last maneuver of Putin, who will open for Russia a number of promising economic projects.

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