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The art of commenting on the Internet

Искусство комментирования в интернете

Briskly competent became much. Almost everyone who owns a personal computer or a smartphone, now I am sure that if someone somewhere wrote something, that’s written specifically to the owner of the computer/smartphone left in the comments your thoughts about the reading. And leave. I have over many years of doing this magazine was formed some statistics of typical comments from the readers of particular kinds. And when I made an account on Zen, by the statistics, which had received a huge pile of such selective and almost monumental art of commenting that just yum, Comments oooga kind of leave the citizens who were born in the USSR and was educated there and, most wonderful, they sincerely believe their education, their development, their level of intelligence reference. This confidence helps them to write comments with aplomb and impudence. And I thought how would look like these comments say, the novel by Lev Tolstoy “War and peace”. I don’t even consider the fact that these commentators are not to be bought, because I know and Leo Tolstoy and his novel. Again, given the level of their development, they probably don’t know this novel. Or, even if once heard, long forgotten. Therefore, this kind of audience, getting them this novel the eye of the Internet would have quickly ran the first couple of paragraphs, and then diagonally went through a few more pages, if there were pictures, maybe read a caption for this picture, and then with full confidence in that knows the whole affair and realized that I wanted to tell the author, the audience began to comment. Under the cut I sketched out a number of reviews from such public and insist that my extrapolation is more than reliable and in fact, is almost one hundred percent hit to the nature of these unknown heroes of the Internet comment.

“The author is probably a youngster, which is about XIX century knows only the stupid Hollywood series”

“Sure, Tolstoy himself had never been at the front. How could a civilian, this Pierre Bezukhov, to be in the location of troops on the frontline and participate into battle? Yes, it would be immediately arrested frontline counterintelligence.”

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“My God, when we are starting to write about French life, it is such nonsense. The author himself certainly did not leave on his Lower Propertiesa and living Frenchman seen only in a dream”

“What’s all this written? Oak of some sort, which is described in a dozen pages. He-the author would read it?”

“The author is clearly a pedophile. We immediately see that he has any complexes about the jailbait. That author, nobody gives you and you dream as you fuck Natasha Rostova?”

“Moore’s rare. The only thing you can praise about the author is that he doesn’t put in his novel the detachments and bloody gebni. Although I did not read. Who read, say, he is there at Borodino for sure wrote about the evil smershevtsev?”

“Why is it written? The author wanted to say that it would be better if surrendered to Napoleon, and now have all drank French wine? The author, if not for Kutuzov and Alexander I, you would now be in the world”

“Aesthetic writings. The author wants to show the reader what he is erudite and supposedly knows French. And he in constructing their own dialogues in French probably used Google.translator.”

“Classic Russophobia! Such as the author probably would have sided with Napoleon. And this pisses attempt to show that without the nobles, the people would have won. But his ancestors probably were flogged with whips in the stable of a gentleman.”

“Yes, it’s a typical crunch French loaf! The author that, glory to Stalin does not give you peace?”

“The author, a typical liberast. Their affair he tries to smear the image of the Soviet Union. How do you bulgaresti, afraid of the Soviet Union!!! But the Soviet Union will be reborn and you all run back to your Paris!!!!”

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“Shkolota. The victim exam. Austerlitz was after Borodino. Teach materiel!”

“Typical graphomania. You probably think that if you write mnogabukf at once became a writer? Shit you not a writer Tolstoy. Film “the adventures of Pinocchio” and better.”

“I Mumu like. Gerasim better than this clown Bezukhov”

“How many of these pistolese tried to discredit our country! Of course, this Tolstoy is so afraid to just write that hates their country, so spits in his past under the guise of objectivity. But we are not fooled by this phony objectivity”

“Leo Tolstoy – almost like Leon Trotsky. And does the author that if not for Plato Korotayev, <s>Germans</s> the French of his family shades would do?”

“Right written by our great poet Sergei Mikhalkov: a Russian fat eating. All that they want French. And go back to Paris and his kin grab”.

“Another bearded hipster not can relieve the itching of denigrating our past. Leo Tolstoy, do you know how to solder low frequency amplifier? And if you do not know something and not try to teach people life. We grew up on the magazine Young Technician, and such nonsense as your novel would grow worthy citizens of their country”.

“I began to read and fell asleep on the second page. Written boring and unclear. Half on some unclear language about half of some Jewish Scherer. Boring liberalities”.

“The author wrote some haratine not understand what. It would be better about the Great Patriotic war, wrote. But I had to Borodino. When was this? Who needs it? And anyway, judging by the name, the author is surely crest”

“The author in the furnace. Better than the time wasted reading this Russophobia, to spend on viewing some of the Soviet film Yurkino sunrise, or White dew”.

“After praises potreblyadstvo and anomie. Balls, food, fashion – it seems all that interested the author in this life”

Well, etc, etc.

Искусство комментирования в интернете

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