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The Argentine statue of the virgin Mary started crying blood

Аргентинская статуя Девы Марии начала плакать кровью An unusual phenomenon occurred not for the first time.

The statue of the virgin Mary in the Frias family in the South of Argentina, started to cry blood. According to the owner of the statues Roseanne, it happened 38 times. The unusual phenomenon was first detected last year, since then in the house of a woman often pilgrims come.

Rosalia pointed out that the next occurrence began at the time of reading the prayer. The woman asked the virgin Mary to give strength to her sick mother.

If you believe one pilgrim, the statue could heal the tumor once touched her. Rosalia after that unique case believe in miraculous power.

The owner of the statues all coming says that the effect depends only on their faith. If a person truly wants something, that Higher power to help him. A woman always waiting at home the pilgrims to pray for their health and the health of loved.

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