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The Argentine football team almost got in a plane crash. Video

Аргентинская футбольная команда чуть не попала в авиакатастрофу. ВидеоThe plane with the football team when they take off, almost broke the door.

During takeoff a small passenger plane carrying football team in Argentina almost broke the door. The passengers managed their cries in time to attract the attention of the pilot who had to abort the takeoff.

The incident occurred at the airport of Cordoba. Football team “racing Avellaneda” from Buenos Aires heading home after the defeat of the local team Belgrano. At a time when their light aircraft had broken up on the strip for takeoff, the door of the emergency exit flew from his seat and bent inside of the cabin. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The incident was partially captured on video by one of the passengers who filmed the takeoff. Visible on the recording of the detached door and heard addressed to the crew of the screaming passengers.

The door was repaired, and the team successfully made it home at the second attempt.

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