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The Arecibo telescope had caught the strange signals from space

Телескоп Аресибо поймал странные сигналы из космосаAstronomers have discovered signals from stars that are hundreds of times fainter than the Sun.

Scientists from Puerto Rico said that they found “strange signals” coming from small, dim stars located at a distance of about 11 light-years from Earth.

Researchers have recorded mysterious signals 12 may with a telescope of the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico.

Radio signals, apparently coming from the star, Ross 128, a red dwarf, which is about 2,800 times fainter than the Sun. Still don’t know if there are any planets around this star.

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The scientists said that the signals were recorded within 10 minutes, and they were “almost periodic”. It is likely that the signals most likely came from some satellite in earth orbit.

“The field of view of the Arecibo telescope quite widely, so there is a probability that the signals were caused not by the stars but by another object in the line of sight,” – said Abel Mendez, Director of the Laboratory of the habitability of planets in Arecibo.

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Another possible explanation for the mysterious signal is a stellar flare, a splash of energy from the surface of the star. Such bursts emit powerful radio signals. Observations of the star Ross 128 needs to continue after July 16.

“We need to reject all other probabilities, before turning to the aliens, but so far nothing certain can be said,” added Abel Mendez.

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