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The architects presented the project of a new Park complex at the hem

Архитекторы представили проект нового паркового комплекса на ПодолеIn green public space to grow exotic trees from different parts of the world.

The architects have published a draft of a new public space at the hem. Its total area will be 2 thousand 500 square meters.

In the fall of 2017 at the intersection of the Yaroslavl and Nizhniy Val will create a square with the original landscaping, a fountain and a green lawn for “relaxing walks” barefoot. From exhaust and noise of the street he’d hide in the courtyard of BTS Аstarta, in the framework of the eponymous business district. The square will be open not only for office workers but for all residents and guests of Kiev. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

In the Park will grow plants native to different parts of the world, however, similar to Kiev climatic conditions, snowy winter because they are not terrible, but the Park is beautiful all year round. Plan to plant trees gingo, surviving on Earth since the dinosaur age, Japanese cherry, Paradise apples, barbarisi, conifers and more. The Park also has a large green lawn with green lawn where you can walk barefoot, sun loungers and benches.

The creators of the project say that the practice of landscaping, commercial and municipal buildings for many years successfully used in Singapore, Toronto and other cities.

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