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The application is running with little-known sights of Europe

Запущено приложение с малоизвестными достопримечательностями ЕвропыTourists to note.

Tourists in Europe available a free mobile app to search for popular and lesser-known sights, museums, galleries, historic buildings and creative spaces.

Joint research centre the European Commission has launched a web app Cultural Gems, the purpose of which is to make little-known objects of European cultural heritage popular. Tourists are available a detailed map of 168 cities in 28 countries of the EU, which the people themselves have placed so-called cultural gems, landmarks and other significant places.

With the app, travelers can find museums, galleries, theatres, public and creative space, music venue, which is not mentioned in the guidebooks. Cultural Gems presented in Vienna, Brussels, Prague, Tallinn, Paris, Munich, Rome, Riga, Barcelona, Stockholm. In addition, the app allows you to learn more about non-touristy cities.

These include the Austrian Graz, the Belgian Ostend, Osijek Croatian, French Avignon, the Finnish Tampere, Bilbao, Spanish, Swedish, Gothenburg and many others.

According to the creators, Cultural Gems helps to highlight less well-known cultural objects outside the usual routes. The new app provides a platform for the participation of a wide range of stakeholders from authorities and tourist offices, to residents and to tourists themselves. Content Cultural Gems fully created by users, say the developers.

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