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The application for registration of marriage can now be issued online

Заявление на регистрацию брака теперь можно оформить онлайнThe application for registration of marriage you can file a “three mouse clicks”.

The Ministry of justice presented a new service – electronic filing of application for registration of marriage in “live house of justice”. Wishing to marry can apply for in three mouse clicks.

This was stated by the head of the Main Directorate of justice of Ukraine in Kyiv Stanislav Kutsenko.

“Overall, this service works within the “Online home of justice,” which began with the justice of the city of Kiev, and now works for every Ukrainian. Soon all electronic services of the Ministry of justice can go to the “Online home of justice” and everyone will be able to use it,” said Kutsenko.

He noted that the main function of “Online house of justice” is the receipt of services without contact with the official.

On the website of the Ministry of justice main services are business registration, registration of public organizations, mass media. Also there you can get information about the digital signature and the most popular among citizens is services in the sphere of state registration of acts of civil status.

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“It is possible to submit a joint online application for marriage registration, she immediately goes to the processing of data to the representatives of justice and works with the state registries. Accordingly, our employees see that this pair wants to marry. And you don’t have to go to the Department of state registration of acts of civil status to take place, because we do it in online mode and all this as simply as possible,” said Kutsenko.

According to him, the most important thing that this service was a logical addition to the project “Marriage for a day” when you don’t have to wait 30 days for it to apply, and then register the marriage.

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At the same time, the Deputy Minister of justice Gia Getsadze added that in this way they eliminate the queue, and once there were no longer queues minimizes the risk of corruption.

The Deputy Minister of justice in European integration Sergei Petukhov said that going online is the most popular among the younger generation, as well as our citizens living in the occupied territories.

“There we are unable to provide our services, because there are no state authorities. And getting services on-line through secure channels… allows our citizens who live in the occupied territories to communicate with the government,” – said Petukhov.

He also said that the registration of marriage need to come once, but before that you must submit scanned copies of the documents, pay the registration fee online and select a specific date – the day and time that you wish.

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