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The Apple iPhone can be used as a razor

The closed software platform of the Apple iPhone in many respects limits the functionality of these smartphones. However, sometimes they beat Android-gadgets on the part of possibilities: for example, now Apple phones can be used for shaving, and in the truest sense. Of course, the Apple iPhone is not capable of this, and he came to the aid of the Japanese that developed the accessory that you see in the photo.

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Its name is a bunch of completely wild characters, so that won’t scare you with them, but you can find it on the website Akiba PC Hotline. In Japanese retail this wonderful gizmo has a totally inadequate value compared to the prices on other accessories for Apple — it is quite possible to buy only for 280 rubles, given the current exchange rate.

Razor connects to the Lightning port on your Apple iPhone, so if you want you can get rid of the bristles at any time, especially when there is no possibility to use a full razor or a machine. How well the shave this gadget, I can not judge, but it is not a Chinese fake, but it is a Japanese quality product, but still with the brush in the kit.

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