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The Apple iPhone 8 have shown remarkable strength

Apple started selling the iPhone 8, which was announced less than two weeks ago, and he fell into the hands of various bloggers. Someone immediately took it apart, putting it a certain rating on a scale of maintainability, and someone who appreciated his strength, what now discuss.

Remember how easy it was to bend the Apple iPhone 6 is three years old, and as Apple then tried to justify ridiculous? Later, in the Apple iPhone 7, the problem was partially solved when a very large force it is also possible to bend by hand, but the Apple iPhone 8, despite a glass panel and a frame made of metal, have been very durable. In fact, it is the strongest of all IPhone that came out this decade. With a strong bent glass on the front and back panels do not crack, but they are still afraid of sharp objects: they can scratch anything with a hardness at least 6 on the Mohs scale.

By the way, even the camera is not here sapphire and objectively high-strength glass – is the most common protective. During the test, bending even the screen of iPhone 8 is not detached, although the seventh generation of such a disease manifested itself. Total, the new IPhone is still worthy of attention, despite the high price tag and the battery less than 2000 mAh, but the case for it is better to buy more than just will not.

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