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The appearance of the demon in the passage from the horror of the Russian “Guests”

In the coming year we have a lot of “dark” cinema from domestic producers, it may be a real breakthrough. And may not happen. Number because, as you know, quality goes not always. However, the fact that Russia is increasingly turning to the kind of gloom that can not but rejoice.

One such genre is the horror projects “Guests” from the infamous Studio Enjoy Movies. He was supposed to come out in October, but eventually arrives only to International women’s day. We got the trailer, a sort of historical prologue. Take a look at a few moments in the past – in a spirit that frequented not only widows to connect with deceased husbands. There may be other guests.


Young Kate met with the cheerful company of players who have specific game — to have parties in other people’s empty houses. And Kate knows the right place: an old cottage on the coast, the owner is long gone. Lonely located house, which early last century was a spiritual salon, it seems an excellent option. Disturbing, even eerie desolation of this place scares no one… In the midst of a party there one whom Kate had never expected to see: the mysterious master of the house… the Man she loved. People are at the mercy of supernatural forces.

The caste was noted Yuri Chursin (“playing the victim”, the Russian version of series “Escape”), angelina Strechin (short film “Mother is always near”), Anastasia Ukolov (“Bloody lady”, “Photo memory”), Anar Khalilov (“Dance with me”), Ivan Riding (“Computer”), and other actors.

In the Director’s chair – Evgeny Abyzov (“Mom”, “Double”).

The premiere is scheduled for March 7, 2019.

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