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The anonymous authors of the “Saw” announce the award for gay people and send out threats. What is known about the movement?

Анонимы из «Пилы» объявляют награду за геев и рассылают угрозы. Что известно о движении?

Shortly before the murder of LGBT activist Elena Grigorieva the girl’s name appeared in the list of anonymous project “Saw”. Evidence that the movement involved in the crime no, but they are not the first time threaten the representatives of sexual minorities. What is known about the project “Saw” at 360″.
The body of Elena Grigoryeva found July 21 in the bushes near her house in Pulkovskaya street in St Petersburg. A woman complained to law enforcement of the threat. She came to the project list “Saw”, which calls itself “the national movement against LGBT”.
Previously, the project promised a reward to those who beat and kidnap the representatives of sexual minorities. In July on the website, which is now blocked, the announcement appeared in “the new season of” the persecution of LGBT people.
The list also got the LGBT Resource center in Yekaterinburg, program Director of “Russian LGBT network” Igor Kochetkov and Elena Grigorieva. For those who are in the list, has produced “very dangerous and violent gifts”. At the same time, evidence that the murder Grigorieva involved representatives of the “Saw” is not.
The project “Saw” appeared about a year ago. They make it their mission to eradicate LGBT people in Russia. The organization is quite well-known among the representatives of sexual minorities. As a community site blocked in Russia, he moved to overseas servers.
The website bills itself as an online platform for the “Association of Gaanaru Russia and the CIS”, included in the so-called “Union of Homophobic Russia, CIS Countries, Syria and Iran.”
Presumably, the site appeared simultaneously with the popularization of the flash mob “Homophobic game “Saw””. It was violence against representatives of sexual minorities.
About the threats on July 16 representatives of the LGBT Resource center. The organization received a letter signed by the movement “Saw against LGBT people”. Unknown required to close the center until August 1, and transfer personal money of the employees of the charity Fund “give life”. Otherwise, they promised to send a bomb via a delivery service.
Whoever wrote the Resource centre, added that his supporters “have eliminated gays in Chechnya and Ukraine”, as well as persecuted LGBT activists in Russia, including Pyatigorsk activist Artem Shatohina.
In the spring of 2019 to the apartment Shitwhen came unknown, turned everything in the house and took the phone. The man had to leave Russia, he moved to the Netherlands. In the message, which came to the Resource centre, said: “after our hunt, he managed to escape to the Netherlands, but if he would have missed, he would be alive was not.”
In 2018, it was reported that representatives of the “Saw” had a hunt for gays in Bashkiria. And in January 2019 published an article about finding people willing to beat up and kidnap homosexuals in the amount of 300 thousand rubles. It is reported by the Rambler. Next:

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Journalist Idel. The realities of Regina Hasanova wrote in may 2018: “Ufa someone’s watching gays: meets with them in social networks or on special boards of the Dating sites, is deducted, and then brutally beat”
In addition, according Infox, “Saw” regularly sends threats to LGBT organizations in different cities of Russia.
Online Troll
The press-Secretary of the Ekaterinburg Resource center LGBT Alla Kikinda in an interview with “360” shared that a direct connection between the murder Grigorieva and “Saw” no. But at the same time there is no rebuttal that did not supporters of the project.
According to Kikinda, the list of “Saw” few names and organizations, and placed in the public domain, so we can assume that “this could be done by anyone who shares their values.”
Systematically they last year sent out threats of various LGBT activists throughout Russia, as well as journalists who wrote about the LGBT community. And they still did. Crimes committed against the LGBT activists — until now not been proven that it was people from this “Saw”
God Kikinda.
Photo source: Flickr / rosefirerising
Chikinda noted that it is still not known who these people are. Moreover, earlier they were not considered dangerous anti-LGBT, as they were engaged in psychological pressure. “They are on the website in its threats refer to the fall and murder and the persecution of some and say that it is their handiwork, but again, not proven. We tend to think that they are only informational and psychological pressure,” said Chikinda.
“Don’t panic”
The head of the movement “Alliance of heterosexuals and for LGBT equality” Christina Abramicheva in conversation with “360” explained that the Alliance is “not panicking” and continues to work as before.
Abramicheva added that if someone else from the list of “Saw” will suffer, then it can hardly be attributed to coincidence.
“While “Saw” was engaged in the intimidation of people in the networks. Failed to prove any evidence, the victims have not contacted the authorities. Was it the “Saw” or other free hunter wanting to blackmail LGBT people quite a lot, it’s a way of kind of earnings,” said Abramicheva. It is reported by the Rambler. Next:

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