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The announcement of the strategy Anno 1800

Состоялся анонс стратегии Anno 1800Anno 1800 will be released in the winter of 2018.

The last two games of the series, Anno offered to build the ideal future, and now once again turns his gaze in the past. 2017 at gamescom, Ubisoft announced Anno 1800.

The game, as the name implies, is transferred in the nineteenth century. According to the authors of Ubisoft Blue Byte, players will find themselves at the dawn of the industrial age, when occurred the greatest discoveries and actively developed diplomacy. Build cities, research and development of new areas will require management and logistics skills. And to stay a step ahead of opponents, useful advances in trade, military Affairs, or negotiations with neighbors.

In Anno 1800 will appear and rich opportunities of urban development, and elaborated story campaign and multiplayer mode, and a customizable “sandbox”.

In addition, Ubisoft Blue Byte has launched the project Anno Union. It is a platform for the community where you will have access to exclusive content, latest news, developer commentary and other information about the creation of the game.

Anno Union members will also be able to influence the future of the series. Ubisoft Blue Byte from time to time to collect feedback, to vote and to carry out testing. It is on the site Anno Union will give among the first to try out Anno 1800. For more details on the official website.

Anno 1800 will be released on PC in January-February of 2018.

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