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The announcement of the game Super Meat Boy Forever

Состоялся анонс игры Super Meat Boy ForeverThe authors presented the debut trailer of the game, from which you can find the plot plot.

In 2014-m year, Team Meat has announced Super Meat Boy Forever — a new game about Meat boy, which was released on PC and mobile devices. But, as often happens with the creations of Edmund McMillen (Edmund McMillen) of Super Meat Boy Forever disappeared for a few years and again announced himself just now.

Team Meat claims that Super Meat Boy Forever is a Super Meat Boy 2, but without the boring numbers in the title. Even the plot, we can say, just continues the original. Meat boy and a Girl-patch peacefully lived together with their child — a Nugget (or Nuggets — lost in translation!). But the evil Dr. Fetus has kidnapped the child, so the parents go to save him.

Feature of Super Meat Boy Forever — a Meat boy and a Girl-the patch can now punch. And the levels get harder each time you pass them. Management is built on two buttons, but if you call that stupidity, then Team Meat official website offers you to shut up. After all, they say, even with two buttons, you can build a challenging and addictive gameplay.

In addition, Super Meat Boy Forever is not a typical “runner” with mobilecheck, because it has everything you need for a sequel Super Meat Boy. The levels are created randomly from a pre-prepared items, secrets, bosses, and unexpected difficulties.

Super Meat Boy Forever is tentatively due before the summer of 2018-th year on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android. Most likely, the game will first appear on PCs and consoles, then on smartphones and tablets.

Emphasizes Team Meat that Super Meat Boy Forever is a game for big platforms, which was transferred to mobile, not Vice versa. Team Meat has not even started to do a portable version, but I’m sure he can do it closer to release.

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