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The ancient people suffered from malformations

Древние люди страдали от аномалий развитияAccording to scientists, the anomaly associated with the interbreeding of close relatives.

The Pleistocene covers the period between 2.6 million to 11700 years ago, thousands of years ago. Previous studies show that during this period anatomically modern humans appeared in Africa and went beyond it. Now, Trinkaus said that in the same period, people have observed multiple anomalies of development.

In the study, the scientist examined the remains of 66 people who lived on Earth about 200 thousand years ago. Trinkaus, emphasizes that most of the remains belonged to a young adult. After analyzing them, he found they have an unusually high number of anatomical abnormalities, for example, bending of the bones of the hands and feet, deformation of the skull and jaw.

Just scientist discovered the ancient people 75 anomalies, two thirds of which are found in only 1% of modern humans. In addition, he also found that the cause of some anomalies could be a blood disease or hydrocephalus, but to trace the exact causes of all of them.

Trinkaus, has suggested that the anomalies occurred most often because of the wide distribution of inbreeding, when each other were crossed close relatives. He also suggested that people with abnormalities were specific burial rituals that allowed their remains to be preserved in good condition.

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