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The ancient Egyptians were able to use the aircraft

Древние египтяне могли использовать самолеты An incredible discovery was made in the tomb.

Scientists found in the pyramid object, which is more than 2 thousand years. We are talking about a model glider. According to experts, it can be an indication that the Egyptians were able to design planes.

The discovery was made in 1891, when archaeologists from France studied some tomb in the pyramid of Djoser at Saqqara. The building was erected, according to the results of a study in the year 2630 BC. In the tomb, according to the DailyStar newspaper, was the figure of a tree that looked like a bird. Next, lay a piece of papyrus with the inscription: “Want to fly”. According to scientists, the model actually was an alien glider.

Although the discovery and resembled a bird, the wings were definitely not a bird. In 2006, an expert in the field of aerospace aerodynamics Simon Anderson decided to do some experiment: he made a model figure of “birds Saccard” to learn whether she will be able to fly. During the experiment it was found that for a successful flight to a greater extent required the wheel. From this it follows that the pyramid actually could be stored for aircraft.

Some experts believe that in ancient times people were able to rise into the air with catapults.

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