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The amount that Regardie demands for damages from the meetings, equivalent to 5% of the contract

Сумма, которую Росгвардия требует за ущерб от митингов, эквивалентна 5% от контракта на

The amount that Regardie demands for damages from the meetings, equivalent to 5% of the contract for the Palace guards of Kadyrov

19 Nov Cheremushkinsky court of Moscow will consider the claim of the prosecutors office, which requires to recover from an opposition politician Alexei Navalny and his supporters by almost 5 million rubles. In this amount are estimated costs of overtime payments to soldiers of Regardie, which had to use at the weekend, on the 27 July and 2 August, and the additional costs of “fuel and lubricants”. To understand how adequate this price, Forbes analyzed the contracts signed by Regardie for the protection of government agencies.


Forbes looked at the portal of public procurement contracts of public institutions with anti-resguardo division of FSUE “Security”, formed from the private security of the Ministry of interior in 2016. It turned out that the amount that Regardie demands from the opposition, equivalent to 5% of the annual contract for the protection of the residence of the head of the Chechen Republic, 8% of the contract for the protection of Primorsky Oceanarium on the Russian island, 9% of the contract for the protection of a plant for chemical weapons destruction and 0.2% of all contracts signed by Regardie with state agencies in 2019 (2.8 billion rubles). The entire annual budget of Regardie in 2019 was 239.6 billion rubles.


The most expensive contract for the protection of a single object in 2019 became the contract for 172 million rubles from the state Corporation “Irkut”. Asgardia have to ensure safety on the part of the Corporation Irkutsk aviation plant. While the initial price of the lot amounted to 34,7 million roubles. But after conclusion of the contract on the same day, 16 April 2019, this amount was increased to 69.4 million roubles, the parties entered into a supplementary agreement. And two months later, in June, it signed a new agreement already at 104,2 million rubles. As follows from the documents published on the website of public procurement, the lot happened to the security company for a month, but then was repeatedly extended, most recently until September 30. No details about how many fighters will guard the plant, the contract is, as information about the further extension of the contract.


In addition, in 2019 Regardie received a one-year contract with gku “the Center on ensuring activity of administration of head and government of Chechen Republic” on the protection of two objects without specifying addresses. They will be guarded 166 fighters Regardie. Despite the fact that details about objects on the website of public procurement not specified, in 2017, the same customer signed a contract regarderai similar, almost the same amount (98,3 million), which 164 fighter was supposed to be guarding the residence of the head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov and his household.


Government the complex of buildings at the street Garage, 10 in Grozny also protects Regardie – used on the site 230 more fighters, the contract amount of 95.7 million rubles per year. The contract in 2019 with Regardie concluded gku “management”. In General, Chechnya in 2019 leads in the number of contracts with Asgardia. This year, they signed to 406,9 million. This is only slightly less than in 2017-2018 at 553 and 530 million rubles, respectively.


The largest contract of Regardie in the capital in 2019 has become the protection of Tower 2 in Moscow-city, where in March he moved to the Central apparatus of the Ministry of economic development. With regarderai a contract for the protection of the object within 325 days in 2019 for 100.3 million rubles. Contract soldiers of Regardie should be on duty with a gun at 17 points on the floors of the tower and in the Parking lot, the term of office of one soldier on the watch without changing should not exceed 24 hours.


Another big purchase of services of asguardian – 12 contracts – were at the seaside aquarium, a total of 65 million rubles in 2019. The aquarium paid not only per annum the protection of the soldiers, but also the installation of the panic buttons to call for more rapid response teams. Last year, according to the website of public procurement, the aquarium entered into similar contracts for 45 million rubles. A pilot plant for chemical weapons destruction in the Saratov region of the “Mountain” , signed in 2019 annual contract Asgardia 55 million rubles. The contract involves the installation of 17 security posts on the premises, of which 15 – hour, and equipment of guard the premises, establishing checkpoints and protecting warehouses.


Previously, the Moscow courts have satisfied several lawsuits against the opposition because of the summer protests. October 1, Koptevsky court of Moscow has collected from eight of the opposition, including Alexei Navalny, Ilya Yashin and Love Sable, 3.4 million rubles. instead of 11.5 million rubles for the claim of the state motor roads for battered lawns at an unsanctioned March on 27 July in Moscow. 10 Sep Koptevo court ruled on a similar claim of “Mosgortrans” the opposition needs to pay the company 1.2 million rubles as damages for “downtime of buses for the protesters.” GUP “Moscow metro” has won in opposition 55 thousand rubles. as compensation for the salaries of their employees for an additional shift during a protest on July 27.


The claim on 1 billion rubles to the Fund of struggle against corruption Alexei Navalny has been filed by the company for rental cars “fly Car” due to the cancellation of orders and damage to cars 27 July, 3 and August 10. The claim to be the opposition also was filed by the public Prosecutor of Moscow.



In addition, on 2 October, the Tushino court partially satisfied the claim of OOO “ANKOR” (owns a shop and a restaurant “Armenia”) to Alexei Navalny and other opposition figures for their losses on the day an unsanctioned rally in Central Moscow on July 27. Although the representative plaintiff could not produce evidence that the restaurant suffered any damages, the court held that the opposition should jointly pay 241 thousand 520 rubles.


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