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The Americans will not leave, instead they attack Assad

Американцы никуда не уходят, вместо этого они атакуют Асада

Obviously, the United States was still a lot of unfinished business in Syria. In this regard, another statement of Donald trump about the immediate withdrawal of its army from Arab Republic was perceived with skepticism. Moreover, earlier the President of the United States had allowed himself to make such statements, however, no consequences this entailed, in any case, from the stated, nothing has been done.

The Yankees have remained in Syria and continued to do what was done before — strengthen the self-proclaimed state of the Kurds. Through most of these Kurds Washington skillfully controls nearly a third of the SAR and notably saves, managing to contain a rather small scale of the Syrian conflict contingent.

And the present case is no exception. The first time after the statement of the President of the United States really think some changes still coming. For example, the US special envoy on Syria, James Jeffrey continued to develop this theme, however, is already making some remarks, of which it became clear that not all so simple.

But it seems uncle Sam was preparing to take their sons back home. Then suddenly everyone in Washington woke up and remembered about the Kurds threatened by the Turks. Ankara has long intends to deal with the people’s protection Units — the main U.S. allies in Syria, and throw them in such a situation it would indeed be very cruel. Trump, of course, recently wrote that his people are leaving Syria, and the threat of Turkey Washington will fight the sanctions, but all this did not believe. In General, it is clear that global change in American policy in the middle East we will not see.

However, it is impossible not to notice that the Yankees were more aggressive. What it involves is unknown, but it seems that the military leadership because of the harsh comments Donald trump has become somewhat impulsive in making responsible decisions.

For example, the Syrian government forces, located in the city of Bull, were subjected to attack by the international Coalition led by the United States. And one of the goals was the local headquarters. About victims and victims accurate information. This was reported by many Syrian sources as associated with the opposition, and independent.

Almost immediately after the attack in the city was deployed extra forces of the Syrian Arab army, besides initiated the strengthening of border crossing points — Boil is located in the Deir ez-Zor, near the border of the Kurdish lands.

Quite a strange move, given the stated US intention to withdraw soldiers. Thus, it is obvious that such actions of the Americans destabilisateur the situation, exacerbating the contradictions between the foreign parties to the conflict

According to our source in the military leadership of the Russian Federation, such an attack had taken place on the West coast of the Euphrates. The objectives of the United States in most cases was the Iranians and Hezbollah, who occupied certain positions near the border with Iraq. Now most of the forces of the Persians is derived from the area, and indeed in southern Syria, a few of these left.

In Abu Kemal, they still remain, but it is likely that in the near future the Iranians will leave and this city. Currently actively developing the project on a full withdrawal of the Persians from the cap, however, a political settlement is impossible without Tehran’s, because military advisors and private sparsely will remain indefinitely.

Now so far the main issue with missiles to Iran in Syria and support staff. Part of this large-scale work is done in the framework of negotiations with the United States and Israel to resolve the conflict. In this regard, the U.S. attack on government forces is illogical. Although, as reported by the representatives of the coalition military communication channels, by their assumption in this building were the objects associated with the Iranians. In fact, it is not. Besides, on this day, Coalition aircraft carried out tasks to prevent the penetration of militants into the territory of the Eastern coast of the Euphrates.

The fact that the government of the territory LIH* often marches his troops in Hagen. The terrorists out from their enclave to the West of the Euphrates, and using sand storm or other ways to sneak in quietly, were ferried across the river. Overall, this is a standard situation, and expect some big consequences are not worth it. Periodically it happens. Russia sometimes bombed Kurdish territory, the Americans and the government. In any case, it will not prevent the further development of negotiations with the United States.

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