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The Americans invented the spoon for shaky hands

Американцы придумали ложку для дрожащих рукAn American company has developed antitremor Liftware spoon.

Tremor of the extremities can be a symptom of various diseases, such as Parkinson’s disease.

Hand tremors interfere with carrying out everyday activities, such people experience difficulties during the meal. Often to reduce tremor, used drug therapy, but in parallel also is developing other ways of dealing with tremor.

The new device, called Level, is a stabilizing handle which fits over the hand and dampens the shake of a limb. To a handle attached to removable nozzle with a spoon or fork. Level works from the internal battery, its battery lasts for one hour — according to the company, this should be enough for three meals.

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Level was the second version of the device of this type. The first version called Steady was demonstrated in 2013, but it had a much lower elasticity and a worse coped with the tremors. In addition, Steady inferior Level of functionality of design, the new version is much safer fixed to the arm. The cost Level is $ 195.

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