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The Americans have conducted flight tests of the space truck

Американцы провели летные испытания космического грузовикаSpaceship plan to use to deliver cargo to the ISS.

The American company Sierra Nevada has conducted flight tests of the space cargo ship Dream Chaser.

This small spacecraft plan to use to deliver cargo to the ISS.

Automated spacecraft was hoisted into the air by a cargo helicopter. After that Dream Chaser checked the telemetry and control, and the apparatus landed on the runway in automatic mode.

The tests took place at the air base Military-air forces of the USA Edwards in California. Interestingly, the company Sierra Nevada led online broadcast of the launch of a space truck, but it stopped shortly after takeoff the helicopter. Thus, to observe the landing of Dream Chaser could only professionals. According to them, the tests were successful.

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“On Board the Dream Chaser we have all the orbital avionics. Avionics identical to the one we will have on the orbital vehicle. That’s why this test was so important for us,” said Steve Lindsey, senior Director of the Sierra Nevada.

The engineers said they were satisfied with the test results. In the company Sierra Nevada announced that the next test vehicle, Dream Chaser is scheduled for October 2017, full exploitation of the space truck is expected to begin in 2020. The launch of the plan to make media Atlas 5 or Ariane 5.

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