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The American pastor has predicted a large-scale fire

Американский пастор предсказал масштабный пожар According to the priest, the fire will burn the whole city.

In the narrow circles of widely known American pastor Byron Earl, who regularly shares his predictions about the future. Stories upcoming events allegedly come from supernatural forces.

Byron has a friend who on the basis of predictions of the friend publishes on the YouTube channel “Mike 444” video with the prophecies. Another movie was released the tenth of August, and it definitely deserves our attention.

So, the first thing that will happen is war in Israel as a result of events in Gaza. Attack a country from the South, and from the North, that is from Syria. Byron also saw the collapse of many civilizations: people will suffer from extreme volcanic and tectonic activity.

Special attention in the message was given to the city of Denver. He allegedly completely burn. The elite can hide in the shelter, but normal people don’t.

All events will lead to the complete destruction of all living things. People can only pray, says Byron.

It is noteworthy that such forecasts not only gives Searl, therefore, to ignore information is not necessary. We have previously written about the frequent disasters.

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