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The American journalists told about the Russian “dad of all bombs”

Американские журналисты рассказали о российском «папе всех бомб»Russia has a more powerful non-nuclear weapons than the United States.

Russia has a more powerful non-nuclear weapon than the American “mother of all bombs” that the US used in Afghanistan.

This ammunition is the aviation vacuum bomb of increased power (AVBPM), known as the “father of all bombs”. It surpasses the most powerful non-nuclear shell USA — GBU-43, poluchivshij the unofficial title of “mother of all bombs”, said the National Interest. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

AVBPM smaller than its American counterpart, the power of the ammunition is about 40 tons of TNT, which is nearly four times more than the GBU-43. In addition, the radius of guaranteed destruction Russian “father” is superior to the American “mom” twice.

The first test AVBPM were held in Russia in 2007. With the explosion of the ammunition ignited explosive dust that fills the space and destroys everything in its path facilities, but radioactive contamination at the same time, recalls to Business Insider.

On Thursday, the US first used a heavy duty non-nuclear bomb GBU-43 for the destruction of the militants of the Islamic state in Afghanistan.

According to media reports, was killed at least 36 militants. President Donald trump called the operation “very successful” mission of the us armed forces.

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