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The American has invented a blanket that simulates hugs

Американец изобрел одеяло, имитирующее объятияAmerican designer John Fiorentino has developed a special weighted blanket Gravity that simulates hugs and evenly adds person from 7 to 12% by weight.

Gravity was originally a normal startup. However, users of the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter so imbued with the idea of creating an anti-stress quilts in two months gathered about 4.7 million dollars of investment in the project.

Weighted blankets have long applied to sensory rehabilitation therapy. In particular, they are used for the treatment of autism, attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity. According to experts, deep touch pressure helps to reduce the level of excitation in the body and helps to improve self-regulation.

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Blankets are Gravity filled with special granules from polychloride, which put pressure on certain points, helping to calm and eliminate anxiety. Thus, the accessory can be used not only to fight insomnia, but also for relaxation after a hard day or for the best immersion in meditation.

To find this quilt to be based on anthropometric indices. So, offer Gravity model weighing in at 6.8 kg (for people weighing from 45 to 68 kg), 9 kg (68 to 97 kg) and 11.4 kg (97 kg and more).

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Note that the inside of the blanket is a dense filler, which can be removed in warmer seasons. The blanket is made from breathable fabric that easily moves machine washable.

Anti-stress quilt can be purchased on the official website Gravity Blanket. The cost is $249.

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