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The American captured the movement of the Bigfoot

Американец заснял передвижение снежного человека Unidentified creature caught on video by accident.

The following video, which captured the alleged encounter with a Sasquatch, was received on 13 January somewhere in North Carolina.

A group of motorcyclists riding on a hilly terrain, taking your journey with helmets attached to the camcorder. One of the men had gone away at some point to pee and suddenly noticed something strange in the bushes nearby. There was a tall humanoid figure, covered in thick dark hair.

Startled the American rushed to his friends, sat on a motorcycle and told everyone to hurry to leave. As you might guess, he thought he stumbled upon a real Bigfoot. Our hero remembered how I read on the Internet that sasquache incredibly strong and able to kill anyone, even the strongest man, with one blow of his paw. In addition, they say, quickly running after a potential victim, especially when hungry.

In other words, the witness decided not to tempt fate and therefore did not stay there even for a second, and almost instantly took out their buddies. Many users of the world wide web, however, immediately suspected that this is a common hoax. Judge for yourself:

– first, the motorcyclist was breathing heavily, when the tears with his “iron horse”, although the reasons to fizzle out he was not, because he was driving is still not on the bike. Skeptics believe that this is a sign of bad acting and inability to behave naturally on camera;

– secondly, the man chose a rather strange place to relieve himself and went too far, although nearby there was nobody who could notice it, as it is not visible and the girls in this team. The impression that this location was chosen in advance;

– finally, third, the reaction of our hero in black silhouette in the distance turned out to be too unnatural, exaggerated, and comical. American instantly rushed away, not even wishing to see better and, most importantly, to capture on camera the alleged Yeti.

Hardly a grown man can be such a coward, especially when you consider that in each of us there is a curious critter, ready for the satisfaction of his passion, sometimes at the craziest of things.

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