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The American Association has found a new way of treating fractures

Американская ассоциация нашла новый способ лечения переломовThe new method will reduce the risk of disability and does not require a long hospital stay.

The American Association for the advancement of science, said that scientists were able to find an alternative to bone grafts in the treatment of complex fractures.

The new method will reduce the risk of disability, does not require such a long hospital stay and reduce health care costs associated with supporting these patients. The effectiveness of the method is proved in experiments involving pigs.

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Worldwide every year there are more than two million bone transplants. Such intervention necessary in the first place those patients, whose bones did not grow together after a fracture. If the bone transplant taken from the patient – this can be extremely painful, and the donor biological material may be rejected by the body.

A group of researchers headed by Maxim. proposed to use gene therapy in conjunction with ultrasound to treat fractures microcephaly.

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First of all, the experts placed in the fracture collagen frame that it became the basis for the cells – precursors of bone cells.

Then on the frame by injection placed microdroplets filled with genetic material, stimulating bone growth, and activated it using ultrasound. It worked – within eight weeks of the fractures in Guinea pigs was completely healed.

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