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The aliens visited the United States 17 times: UFO attack America?

За месяц пришельцы посетили США 17 раз: НЛО атакуют Америку?Ufologists and other supporters of the theory about the existence of aliens continue to collect statistical and other data.

Hunters UFO told that the most abnormal area continue to be the United States of America, because here fixed maximum number of mysterious and unexplained incidents at the same time under the gun cameras of the witnesses fall into a variety of flying saucers.

According to ufologists, in the United States was “caught” the most number of visits humanoids for the last time, but loud statements on this subject are not far behind Australia.

Noted that most space ships can be seen at night or evening time, as it often happens with eyewitnesses.

In the sky there is a strange flying objects, which have a very similar description and specifications from witnesses. But some cases the public and experts are careful and some of them are accepted fiction, or a heated imagination. The main feature of all unusual phenomena is the fact that ufologists are always trying to figure out who or what dealt the witnesses.

Often, the story of unwitting witnesses of events in different parts of the world, they have to face is round, oval or triangular object that has no wings, moves silently, and is at a relatively low distance from the surface of the planet. A testimony often has a characteristic according to which an alien ship glows different colors delivers the beacons, and then may suddenly disappear, not leaving a clue. Perhaps that is why witnesses of mysterious accidents and failed to take a single clear photo, but video UFOs appear much less frequently.

Ufologists stress that their beliefs and theories, they are not going to give up, in the meantime, NASA continues to persistently decline to give their comments. Enthusiasts in the field of UFOlogy were convinced that the space Agency knows about the alien environment and the inhabitants of other planets much more than it seems to the public.

Moreover, the organization can know when there will be an alien invasion of the Earth, and should we be afraid of the end of the world earthlings. However, ufologists did not stop in its path, collecting all the new data about the appearance of humanoids in front of people, and a list of mysterious meetings updated with faster.

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