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The alarm is buggy and is silent: what are the causes and what to do

Сигнализация глючит и молчит: В чем причины и что делать

Press the button on your key FOB and nothing happens? In big cities it happens. Can cause accidental interference, and the zeal of the attackers from a neighboring machine. We figured out what to do if the alarm begins to “troit”.

The reasons for the phenomenon

The key FOB communicates with the base radio signal of a certain frequency, and interference can score. Conditionally they can be divided into two types: random and targeted.

For example, in the Parking lot of one of the dealerships a few days refused to work with inexpensive models of alarms: it later emerged that the neighborhood was a car with incorrectly installed system that was cluttering up the airwaves.

Often motorists become victims of targeted “Radiovolna”.

Broadband noise generators can work around the building with a special regime of tolerance for the suppression of potentially harmful wireless devices.

But in recent years the price of such devices has decreased to 20-40 thousand, and there are cheaper ones — they will not “advertising”. The legality of their use raises questions, but use them with innocent purposes, e.g., to ward off intruders from “their” Parking space.

And, of course, shortwave generators used by attackers, for example, to provoke the owner to leave the car unlocked. How often you press the key FOB, leaving the car and not even turning to him?

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Noise generators are used in some scanning methods alarms with code-grabbers.

What to do

Glitches serviceable alarm when arming — the reason pit the car. If his scan, interference may be transient: their task is only to provoke you press the close button again to switch the code. Therefore, if the alarm after several attempts still stood on guard, but beware: it’s already been hacked.

At risk are mostly inexpensive system without dialog codes. For peace of mind, to move the car at least 50-100 meters and to make sure that the alarm worked properly.

By the way, a regular car key is a signal with much less range and is scanned only from a close distance, that makes life difficult for pests. Therefore, in peak situations it is possible not to put the car on protection, and to close the regular system, or even mechanically with the key.

But it is different: you are returned to the closed car, and he’s not responding to the FOB. And it doesn’t even matter why this is happening, the main question — how to get inside?

In peak cases it is necessary to take the car to the tow truck. But often you can do without such an extreme.

Try to open the car with the regular key remotely or mechanically. On vehicles with Keyless entry the key can look like a FOB without the blade, but it’s still there: normally removed from the body of the keychain. In cars without an external lock cylinder on the door handle she often is, but hidden under a decorative cap.

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Opening the car bypassing the alarm you, of course, will cause it to trigger. Next few options: attacat or tow the car away from the affected area or turn the system off VALET button. However, use of the latest know how many, and it is not always easy.

Button more often in the fuse block and deactivation of the system you need to perform a certain ritual, for example, “to report” need a pin number. In more primitive systems, there are ways to disable alarms without “j”, but in any case, it is necessary to know in advance.

Therefore, the option with the towing is often one of the easiest, at least for vehicles with manual transmissions. You can also use the tips from the article about what to do when the battery.

But in General, treat the bugs alarm with suspicion. Scan is often not for the sake of stealing, and to look into the interior and gut it of all the valuables. Easier to move, than to risk her or her content.

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