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The airline has calculated the number of lost per year the suitcases of tourists

Авиакомпании подсчитали количество потерянных за год чемоданов туристовThis is a common problem.

Approximately 21.6 million suitcases with Luggage “unaccounted for” tourists in the last year such data were provided service SITA. The most risky in terms of loss of baggage was connecting flights – they account for almost half of these high numbers.

According to the above statistics, 47% of the total lost was lost in the transfer (mainly when an overload of Luggage on a connecting flight), 16% – was not loaded on Board the aircraft, and 4% sent for other purposes, 4% is lost when unloading from the aircraft, 29% were lost for other reasons.

Recall that according to the experts ‘ recommendations for the start of the tourist discovered that his Luggage is damaged or lost, can be reassuring, after all, at observance of simple rules he may receive compensation from the airline. Under the Montreal Convention, the liability for such incidents is just the carrier. However, to obtain it in the first place, tourists need to contact the airport or in the lost & found (Lostluggage / BaggageClaim / HelpDesk) and request the reference about the faults in the carriage of baggage (P. I. R.) in order to record the incident, make an inventory of lost Luggage or damage. If you don’t fill in a damage report or loss, the airline is likely to refuse to consider further claims.

Also General tourist advice to “backup” the experts recommend to keep calm, report the loss or damage without leaving the baggage claim area, to keep all the in connection with the flight documents (baggage check, etc.). Also should be possible to clarify the situation at reception Luggage, first of all – what phone number, you will liaise with the airline/airport the schedule for future actions, etc.

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