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The actress from “Daddy’s daughters” was in a car accident

Актриса из "Папиных дочек" попала в автомобильную аварию The pregnant star of the series got off lightly.

A few weeks ago it became known that the star of the series “father’s daughter” Daria Melnikova for the second time. And although the actress his personal life prefers not to advertise, good news is confirmed by the theatre, where is Daria, “Her roles in productions on time will go to another actress. But as soon as Daria after the birth of a child is ready, she will be able to immediately return to the scene”.

And yesterday the actress got nervous their fans, describing the unpleasant situation that happened to her before – Melnikov got in an accident.

“There are days when you since the morning I realized that today is better not to leave the house. But something called you and you went. And during the day whatever the case, it is a failure. And everywhere the signs. Come back home and get some rest! Come back! Today it is possible and necessary! But no, you’re the steadfast tin soldier, you don’t pay attention sixth and drink coffee,” wrote Daria.

“Today, I just had to sit at home and watch “house arrest”. Most importantly, next time, don’t miss the symptoms and signs: just got up and already want to go back; had Breakfast, but still pulls to lie down; ran out of gas and think, if you turned off the iron; a black cat is generally one hundred percent turn back. Well, the idea that you never made the bed, out of my head? Sign! Need to listen to yourself. Believe in yourself. To be with yourself in harmony. To respect your inner voice! What to do if this situation every day? Vacation! What to do if this situation every day? The decree!It was a joke. But would be better if I didn’t go out of the house today”, – said Daria, adding that in the evening got in a small accident.

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