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The 15 most chic and successful musicals in Hollywood history. Photo

15 самых шикарных и успешных мюзиклов в истории Голливуда. ФотоNo other cinematic genre leaves such a pleasant aftertaste like this one.

Frivolous Hollywood fashion prone to unexpected changes.

Three to five years ago, the seasons of awards ruled serious drama, and now in the favorites of the bookies listed light and airy musical, and not in the same category, and once in the top ten – “best film” to “best songs”. Do you have colorful, filled with jazz paintings the chance to become triumphant awards season? Of course, because the musical is not the first time claims for prizes of the Academy. We propose to identify other music picture deserves the highest praise of viewers and critics. Leisya, song!

The wizard of Oz (1939)

15 самых шикарных и успешных мюзиклов в истории Голливуда. Фото

A famous tale by Lyman Frank Baum in various forms have been filmed many times, but movies will always be put first brilliant ribbon Victor Fleming with the charming Judy garland in the title role. Musical family film about Dorothy and her unusual friends was nominated for six Golden statuettes, but excelled only in two nominations – “the best music” and “best song”. Song Over the Rainbow really is incredibly good – it continues to include the most famous kinokompanii in the history of cinema.

Singin ‘ in the rain (1952)

15 самых шикарных и успешных мюзиклов в истории Голливуда. Фото

When a few years ago we all admired as an “Artist” Michel Hazanavichus, people in the cinema enlightened, said to the young: “All this has been!” True, “singin’ in the rain” very close “Artist” on the subject – it is also “the autobiography of Hollywood” during the transition from silent film to sound. And how better to show the triumph of sound? Of course, singing and dancing! Musical numbers from “Singing” became real hits, and to this day know from the first notes of millions of viewers around the world. Alas, the actors and the filmmakers were not rewarded for their work Oscars, but the film has deservedly been included in many lists of the most important works of cinema, claiming the title of “Musical № 1” in the world.

The king and I (1956)

15 самых шикарных и успешных мюзиклов в истории Голливуда. Фото

The musical “the King and I” staged on Broadway, has become one of the most expensive ideas of his time – budget of 360 dollars in 1950, it seemed cosmic. Equally Grand was to be the production, but the picture from the beginning suffered a great loss – died of cancer, Gertrude Lawrence, actress and singer, under which was written the vocals of Anna, the heroine of the piece. The role, therefore, went to Deborah Kerr, but behind the scenes her party was performed by Marni Nixon, but that film didn’t hurt. “The king and I” took five “Oscars” after nine nominations and was among the best paintings of the twentieth century.

West side story (1961)

15 самых шикарных и успешных мюзиклов в истории Голливуда. Фото

I think, to transfer the action of Shakespeare’s tragedies from the past in our time the destiny of postmodernism 1990-2000’s? Nothing like “West side story” Jerome Robbins and Robert wise – this is pure “Romeo and Juliet”, only this time the event met the audience in Verona, and in new York, where fall in love with each other, the representatives of the two warring immigrant gangs. And all this under the sounds of music! The critics were fascinated by the new spectacle – “West side story” swept the ceremony with 10 Academy awards, including best film award. A brilliant result!

Mary Poppins (1964)

15 самых шикарных и успешных мюзиклов в истории Голливуда. Фото

The Russian audience an idea about Mary Poppins forever “deformed” magic TV film with Natalia Andreichenko in a leading role (also, incidentally, the musical), but let’s be fair to history – Walt Disney first made the flying maids star. And star primarily musical. About how hard writing songs for a cinematic Mary, good says the tape is “Saving Mr. banks”, and the result of the work of the composers Sherman brothers, known to every American child – a five-time winner of the “Oscar”, the film directed by Robert Stevenson for half a century does not descend from screens of TVs.

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My fair lady (1964)

15 самых шикарных и успешных мюзиклов в истории Голливуда. Фото

Another musical, which received “Oscar” as “best film of the year,” a musical melodrama “My fair lady”. The core of the film George cukor lay a famous play by George Bernard Shaw and a very popular Broadway show, so, apparently, the plot of “Lady” sensation is not produced, but its music component really impressed the audience and critics. Alas, the authors of the film did not suit the limited vocal range of Audrey Hepburn, so she, like the heroine of the already mentioned “Singing in the rain”, I had to open the frame a mouth under someone else’s soundtrack. But this is probably the only significant gripe with the picture, the rest of “My fair lady” with its eight Oscars flawless.

The sound of music (1965)

15 самых шикарных и успешных мюзиклов в истории Голливуда. Фото

The undisputed leader of almost all top “the Best musical in the history of cinema” – a melodrama “the Sound of music” certainly deserves all the praise in his address. The picture combines a family Comedy about not jealousy new governess of the children of a large family, and Romka about love with a widower, and even a military Thriller, because the events in the film unfold on the background of the annexation of Austria to Germany on the eve of the Second world war. Brilliantly played by Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer the film has become one of the highest-grossing in Hollywood history (as measured against budget fees), and songs from the movie are now considered full classics.

Fiddler on the roof (1971)

15 самых шикарных и успешных мюзиклов в истории Голливуда. Фото

We have not decided to acknowledge the valuable works of art of foreign authors, written explanation of the events of two Russian revolutions at the beginning of the last century, but Americans play “Fiddler on the roof”, which tells about Ukrainian village, so I love to see her posing almost in every school. What to say about the film – the same picture Norman Jewison has become a classic work, marked by three “Oscars” and “Golden globe” as best musical. Jewison few “butchered” the original Broadway version, but the author followed the “Violinist” “Jesus Christ superstar” such arbitrariness is forgivable, although that’s another story…

Cabaret (1972)

15 самых шикарных и успешных мюзиклов в истории Голливуда. Фото

A musical melodrama of Bob Fosse’s “Cabaret” was in the world so popular that the songs from this film managed to leak even in closed to American music of the Soviet Union, so that, when during perestroika the audience of “one-sixth” were able to see the film, a large part of the musical numbers, they were well known. Surprisingly, apart from songs and dances Fosse managed to hide quite a dramatic story with a clear anti – fascist message- a rare combination for a musical, usually cheerful and Sunny. A true embellishment of the painting was the work of Liza Minelli. Songs from “Cabaret” in her performance were the true “Golden hits,” and to this day enthusiastically accepted by the audience at concerts of the singer and actress.

Grease (1978)

15 самых шикарных и успешных мюзиклов в истории Голливуда. Фото

Surprisingly, “grease,” which made stars of John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John and is widely known far outside of Hollywood, did not receive not just a single one “Oscar”, but even the “Golden globe”, which for musicals is a separate category. But the success of this film is a living example that true classics of critical laurels for anything, “grease” – the people’s cinema, beloved by the audience, they tape Randle of Klizer often put above all “your” “singin’ in the rain” and “Beautiful lady”. That’s what phenomenal music – songs from the picture, released on the album, has won dozens of awards, and the disc itself was in America platinum.

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The Lion King (1994)

15 самых шикарных и успешных мюзиклов в истории Голливуда. Фото

32nd full-length animated film from Disney, of course, is not a musical in its purest form – in the end almost every cartoon has musical numbers. But it was professional, thorough and very thorough approach to the musical component of the tape is largely made of classic stories about the formation of character is one of the most successful film in the history of the – 45-million-strong tape is only a little gleaning to hire up to a billion dollars of box office receipts. A CD with songs by Elton John and the music of Hans Zimmer became the best selling soundtrack in 1994, and diamond status this disc to any animated film failed to repeat that success. The king is the king!

Moulin Rouge! (2001)

15 самых шикарных и успешных мюзиклов в истории Голливуда. Фото

Usually for musicals soundtrack created specifically: written music, compose lyrics, worked out the arrangements, but sometimes the audience wants to hear something familiar and a long time favorite. “Moulin Rouge” by baz Luhrmann, despite the fact that the story it takes place in the early twentieth century, deftly operates the hits from the 80s and 90s. Their creativity with a shared picture of Madonna and David Bowie, sting and Bono, Elton John and Christina Aguilera, and it immediately made the film a hit at 50-million budget, the film about the love of a courtesan and poet, collected in the world four times, and critics noted the “Moulin Rouge” a dozen prizes on both sides of the Atlantic.

Chicago (2002)

15 самых шикарных и успешных мюзиклов в истории Голливуда. Фото

In 1980-1990s musicals were marginalised by the film “Flashdance” and “Dirty dancing”, with all the love it the audience, or the mad cash, delights festival jury not earned. The return of the musical peaks happened with the release of the criminal dramedy Rob Marshall of “Chicago” – Broadway production, not descending from the stage a quarter of a century, just it was hard to mess up. Adaptation was conceived by the author in the 1970s, then starring in the film was assigned to Frank Sinatra, Liza Minelli and Goldie hawn, but that the scene of the holiday is not spoiled – Richard Gere, Renee Zellweger and Catherine Zeta-Jones brought the producers six Oscars, including the home for “best film”.

Dreamgirls (2006)

15 самых шикарных и успешных мюзиклов в истории Голливуда. Фото

Amid last year’s scandal with black American actors boycotted the awards ceremony “Oscar”, not bad to remember and purely African-American musical “Dreamgirls”, which tells about the formation and career of a girl’s trio from Chicago, has acquired worldwide fame, which, however, can not replace a simple family happiness. The main striking force of “Girls” was supposed to be the famous singer Beyonce, biased for the lead role, but unexpectedly in the film “shot” Eddie Murphy and Jennifer Hudson. The latter was even awarded the statuettes of the Academy, one of two received by the film after six nominations.

Les Miserables (2012)

15 самых шикарных и успешных мюзиклов в истории Голливуда. Фото

Previous big musical troops at the ceremony of awards of the American Academy landed four years ago – in 2013 the eight nominations received “Les Miserables” by Tom Hooper. For all the merits the film won the prizes of “second tier” – for makeup and sound, and only postriglas movie shaved Anne Hathaway academics were supportive. Meanwhile, the tape deserved much more – it’s really large-scale historical painting with brilliant musical numbers. Their execution may be better still, Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman – not exactly singers, but everything is done with soul.

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