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That varies most when moving to another country. Photo

Что меняется больше всего при переезде в другую страну. ФотоEmigration changes everything.

Life abroad is, of course, kind of a reward. Even if it was short, this experience can totally change you. In a better way.

Kimberlynn Boyce, author of the popular blog for expats, tells how usually looks life in exile. From this issue you will learn about ten things inevitably change when you start to live abroad. At least a month or two.

Что меняется больше всего при переезде в другую страну. Фото

1. You constantly learn a new language. And forget the old one.

I’m not an expert at how to construct human brains, but something tells me that if you cease to speak their native language, then sooner or later it will be forgotten. First, you start to get more and better understand what you are saying on the streets of new compatriots. Then you’ll be pleased how quickly learned a foreign language. It will take another couple of months and you will begin to think! Here is a direct road to oblivion of the native language.

To forget not, and when getting back to the Russian-speaking environment you will perfectly Express themselves in their mother, but without the constant support environment, you will be very foolish to be wrong, will say wild things like “take a bus” (not a storm, and sit on it, I mean) and constantly stumble:

— He did… how is it in Russian? Radio? No, not a radio.


You’re a television! Ah! The x-ray!

Что меняется больше всего при переезде в другую страну. Фото

2. The suitcase will be not just a convenient bag for storage.

I thought after moving my bags with items collected for the move, will be collecting dust on the far shelf. I even thought: “What am I going to do with all those bags when you’re settled?” But continue to use them even after years of living in exile.

The fact that if the emigration of freed me. I became more and travel more often. And get pleasure from it. I think most of those who decide to change their place of residence, the same will happen once out of the cage, I want to continue to do it again and again. And Yes, I’m not sure I will live the rest of his days in Brazil, where they live today.

Что меняется больше всего при переезде в другую страну. Фото

3. It is not a trip. It’s your life!

You can live abroad for five years, then to come home to visit relatives, and your friends meeting you at the pub will ask, “how was your trip?” Sometimes I want to shout: “I’m not on a trip! I live there!” But they still do not understand.

So I always answer this question in polite template: “So much has happened in these three years… how can We ever have dinner together and I’ll tell you about his most vivid experience!”

Что меняется больше всего при переезде в другую страну. Фото

4. You will always keep in mind the exchange rate.

You can live in another country and ten years, but still will remember about the exchange rate of currencies. You will come into stores at home and a new country and constantly compare prices. Now this habit — that part of you from which you can never get rid of, no matter how wanted.

Что меняется больше всего при переезде в другую страну. Фото

5. The line between “normal” and “strange” now and forever will be a little blurry.

Despite the fact that many people think the world today is one global “McDonald’s”, it is not. And every culture, even the next, may have their own notions about what is acceptable and what is not. Somewhere normal, when young people kiss on the street, somewhere- not. Somewhere to Smoking marijuana townsfolk calmly, somewhere — no.

I left America at the age of 23. Then I thought wrong, when someone on the street picking his nose. While I always use a toothpick after lunch. Now imagine that where I am today, everything is exactly the OPPOSITE. I can clean up here nose in a public place. But I never got used to the fact that the public use sticks for cleaning teeth is not normal.

But what’s really great is the fact that understanding this difference makes you much more free and tolerant person.

Что меняется больше всего при переезде в другую страну. Фото

6. Time in different countries is measured in different ways.

In America you have no one to invite in the cafe today. Where people live by the calendar. And wildly rage every time they have to wait for someone longer than five minutes.

Now imagine that where I am, be late even for 30 minutes — this is normal. And I was initially not pleased: if caught in a glue, everything is happening in slow motion, do not have time…

But then you get used to it and adapt. Although I continue to marvel at how some people are obsessed with time, but others do not think about it.

Что меняется больше всего при переезде в другую страну. Фото

7. The word “routine” will disappear from your vocabulary.

Regardless, the rest of your life in a new place the way you planned or not, you’ll never be bored and “ordinary”. A miracle will happen every day.

I once spent an ENTIRE DAY paying only two utility bills. Now I’m not sure that tomorrow I will have electricity and water. It’s so unpredictable… I just always have a “backup plan” — in case the working day will be lost due to the irresponsibility of local electricians.

In General, unexpected things for you in any case will happen ten times more often than at home.

Что меняется больше всего при переезде в другую страну. Фото

8. You will lose everything but it will not make much difference.

And here is the main argument against emigration, which is often mentioned in the agitation: you are not wanted there. It’s true. But I’ll reveal a little secret: you’re not anywhere at all is useless. You only need yourself. In fact, people are often afraid to move somewhere, because “they will one” or because they are afraid to lose the usual work and usual social circle.

I will say more. When you move you lose all all (except for the MacBook and clothes) that had. The usual walking routes. Family get-togethers. Favorite stores. Favorite foods (if it’s not Coca-Cola). And the smells, colors, weather and tastes.

On the other hand, you don’t worry about that. You will get the opportunity at least for some time (often a couple of years) not to think about your social status or what used to at home. A new world will absorb you completely. And you will realize that material success is not everything.

Before you go to live in another country, and you will not come, that all that you will want to take with you, fits in a few suitcases. You don’t even remember half of the things that, as it seemed, was very important.

Что меняется больше всего при переезде в другую страну. Фото

9. Now it would seem: “everything is Possible”.

Now you know: get ready and get out from anywhere and anywhere you can in one day.

To start life with a clean slate? This thought I now not only inspiring, but also comforting. I know that you can always start again. Anything.

Что меняется больше всего при переезде в другую страну. Фото

10. Everything will be different.

The first time you will often feel humiliated… you Have to ask people (often strangers) for help in the most simple situations. Every day will seem so complex and unfamiliar, sometimes even scary.

But it will take a couple months, and you’ll be fine. And your heart will be filled with the feeling that you are capable of something much greater than I thought.

“If you are brave enough to discard all decently comfortable, and it can be anything: a house, old grudges, and to go for truth, to seek the truth in yourself or the world around you, if you are sincerely ready to assume a hint everything that will happen in the way, if you will, as teachers of each people you meet, and most importantly — if you’re ready to accept and forgive some hard facts about yourself, then you and open the truth” (Elizabeth Gilbert).

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