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That the Soviet Union was able to do well?

Что СССР умел делать хорошо?

So, friends, today will be a post on a very interesting topic — about those things that the USSR managed to do well. How to write in the comments to my posts and lovers of the Soviet Union — “well, it does not happen, there must be something good! There are also some things that the USSR did do good!” Yes, these things really are, but to call them “good” I can’t — because good things and to do well is a few raznoe concepts.

The USSR was not bad enough to breed propaganda and demagoguery, to increase the military potential and to support any anti-democratic regimes — that is, the Bolsheviks turned out really good, but everything else was questions.

So in today’s post discussing those things that are good to do in the Soviet Union. Make sure you check out the article below, write your opinion in the comments, and of friends added do not forget. And telegram channel also subscribe)

1. Demagoguery and propaganda.

In fact, it’s probably one of the few that worked in the Soviet Union is really good. Demagoguery and propaganda was pervasive — in addition to the New year, all public holidays were exclusively Soviet (March 8, February 23, 7 November , etc.), and even New year was Sovietized variant of the pre-Christmas with its tree, gifts and Santa Claus (St. Nicholas). People began running propaganda since early childhood.

All “news” in the USSR was supplied in a purely propagandistic nature, with a pre-installed point of view. If the uprising in any Communist country, the rebels were called “fascist thugs”, “hooligan elements” and “agents of Western intelligence”, and if the same riot was in another country and were at least partially Pro-Soviet — that the rebels were called “freedom fighters” and the “voice of a rebellious people”. And armed resistance to the authorities of a particular country called the “heroic guerrillas”, the “notorious bandits” to the Soviet listener had already developed my own opinion.

By the way, by the eighties the all-out propaganda began to falter — well educated intellectuals who listened to Western radio broadcasts and read samizdat, well, it was impossible to impose the idea that “fighters Americanism” in Vietnam is “heroic guerrillas” and “fighters against Sovietism” in Afghanistan is the”gang of spooks”, people understood that they impose the point of view of the Soviet authorities.

2. Army and military equipment.

A huge proportion of their budget the USSR was spending on the military-industrial complex — and perhaps this is the little that the USSR was more or less acceptable quantity and good quality. However, the war in Afghanistan, the Soviet Union was completely unprepared, as I wrote here in this post — hundreds of Soviet tanks were useless in the mountainous terrain (the Mujahideen absolutely quiet burned their rockets from the mountain tops), and the common soldiers were forced to independently sew myself unloading of Soviet swimming vests.

There is still need to say that on the Soviet army and all these tanks in literally plowed the whole country — in the USSR there were hundreds of plants “dual-use”, which was officially done any tape recorders, Soviet electric guitar or counters, and informally — any tank sight and echolocation for use in submarines. Many of those who worked in these factories during the Soviet era, now are the main admirers in the style of “how the country is fucked”.

3. The conflicts in the world.

It is no secret that the Soviet Union almost all its existence has supported the rebels in vserazlichnyh overseas Brahmanah – and they did it, especially without understanding who he sends money and weapons. The only condition for receiving support from the Soviet Union was loudly blame America, capitalism and promise in some distant future to begin to build communism.

The money and the guns went to Asia, South America and Africa, the latter often in the literal sense of the word could go to some of yesterday’s Ogre, now declared himself a “socialist Emperor” — this was, for example, Bokassa. In the Soviet Union knew that Bokassa eat his political opponents, which keeps in the garden, a huge refrigerator, but turn a blind eye, and Brezhnev kissed him in cannibalistic gums.

This “Soviet support” any anti-democratic gangs there today, Africa is awash with Soviet Kalashnikovs and other weapons. However, gradually the peace and calm come and go.

4. Poverty and hopelessness.

When the Soviet Union annexed or crushes under its influence any country, it all happened at one and the same invariable scenario of the country in countless numbers have overrun with soldiers and Soviet bureaucracy, all dissenters, as well as just independent were silenced, they were shot or were taken, after which the country turned into a quiet marsh, reminiscent of the kindergarten group, in which children were beaten teacher and now sullenly walk in a circle.

There is no example of a successful country, which somehow would have flourished under Soviet influence — all the countries become closed and the poor “sensitive sites” where not released population, with varying degrees of dictatorship inside (depending on the cultural characteristics of the people) — from quite soft dictatorship in Soviet Romania to the ultra-Orthodox dictatorship in North Korea.

Now from the Soviet Union and Soviet regimes in other countries is not gone — even the last Soviet dictatorship in North Korea is undergoing fundamental changes.

5. Ballet, hockey, Muslim Magomayev.

In fact, what little was not ashamed to show on the international stage. But it’s kind of too expensive to pay for all the rest.

Such cases.

Write in the comments what you think about all this. There are still some things that the USSR was able to do well?

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