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That is, the state in General, and how it is?

Что есть государство вообще, и как оно есть?

The state first summarized as a category of class society, originally arising in the three aspects of subsequent historical development turned into three special (divergent, divided, opposing) categories – the categories of politics, ideology and economy, on the basis of which briefly summarized the differences between East and West, as well as the process of removing division special States (special category States) occurring through globalization, and the process of removing the division of mankind into East and West.

In addition, in conclusion, the article briefly summarized the objective conditions are not allowed, not allowed and will not allow to create their own state nor nomadic pastoralist tribes (peoples), nor, especially, the gangs (the gangs, hordes) of thieves, robbers and thieves, no matter how numerous were the last and no matter how highly organized they were in the image and likeness of the most advanced (for the contemporary historical conditions) forces (militia, army and Navy).

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At the same time, the latter does not deny, but suggests in many respects the crucial role of pastoral nomadic tribes not only in the historical process of creation and transformation of States, but also the division of mankind into East and West. However, this last is not the subject of an article published under the title “the State as a category of class society”, and is subject to individual research and presentation. In the part of the Khanates and Hordes of the middle Ages such a study already partially done by the author, the results of which (research) published in two articles in two-three months earlier on the same Belarusian website, and this article.

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