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That is, people who suffer from allergies

Что есть людям, страдающим от аллергииIt is important to change your diet.

In case of any allergic disease diet essential, as the body does not need additional allergic load in the form of new food allergens (antigens).

If you do not follow the principles of antigenic wagenia in the diet, it can lead to the accession of food allergies, greatly exacerbating the severity of the underlying disease.

Allergies and allergens

Allergy is characterized by increased sensitivity of the organism to other substances which are called allergens. The human body is protected from any alien substance caught in the blood (antigen) by producing antibodies that combine with antigens and eliminate them from the body.

Allergens perceived by the body as antigens and cause an allergic reaction. They can be domestic (home or book dust), food, infection (any microorganism), drug, epidermal (pieces of animals and fish), pollen (pollen), industrial (e.g., exhaust gases).

Allergies manifest in different ways, such as skin, respiratory, food forms, the common allergic reactions and so on.

General principles of therapeutic nutritional for allergies

Features of therapeutic nutrition in Allergy is determined an increased risk of formation of food sensitization (first meeting of the body with a food allergen and the production of the antibodies). Diet allergies can be preventive or therapeutic. Prevention of food sensitization in a patient predisposed to allergic reactions is that a diet that has minimal sensitizing properties (the principle antigenic magania of the patient) in order to avoid a food Allergy and exacerbation of underlying disease (e.g., asthma). Such a diet is called hypoallergenic.

If the patient has already formed a food Allergy, it is used medicinal diet, in which in addition to the hypoallergenic diet from the diet excludes all identified food allergens. For more exact establishment of food allergens, the patient keeps a special diary. Once the allergens have been fully installed and the patient does not have any signs of allergies, he gradually, one by one begin to enter into a diet very low doses of allergens. Usually this slow introduction of the product in small doses does not cause allergies, it is completely and gradually introduced in the diet of the patient. Then you can begin to gradually introduce other allergen, and so on.

Nonspecific hypoallergenic diet

This diet is called nonspecific because it can be administered during any allergic diseases. The main feature of the hypoallergenic diet is that it should contain the minimum number of products that can cause food allergies.

To foods having an increased ability to cause food allergies are: chocolate, cocoa, citrus, pomegranates, melon, black currant, strawberry, raspberry, honey, fish, eggs, nuts, mushrooms, milk, eggs, and vegetables and fruit orange-red color.

If hypoallergenic diet is excluded from the diet also extractive substances, sharp seasoning, savoury food, that is those products, which can cause dilation of the blood vessels of the stomach and blood flow to this area. This canned products, smoked products, mustard, horseradish, pepper, etc. Not possessing sensitizing activity, these products can also provoke allergic reactions by releasing mediators (the main biologically active substances, which are used for allergic reactions – histamine, serotonin and others).

In that case, if a food Allergy has already formed and gives a constant deterioration in the diet of the patient for a few days a quarter or half of normal reduced the daily amount of protein enriched diet with fruits and vegetables. This reduction in foreign protein helps to reduce allergic mood of an organism.

In the fat part of the hypoallergenic diet must contain at least 20% vegetable oil containing the essential unsaturated fatty acids has a positive effect on the metabolism of the interested bodies.

Need of carbohydrates this is mainly due to the polysaccharides of vegetables and cereals. Simple sugar (all sweets) are limited in their ability to keep fluids that may exacerbate allergic inflammation.

The liquid can be drunk within normal limits, its limit only in the case when the usual allergic reactions accompanied by swelling. To this end, also, you are somewhat limited salt.

Remember, diet any allergic diseases should be hypoallergenic.

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