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Thanks to these rules, you can eat a lot without gaining weight

Благодаря этим правилам, можно много есть и не поправлятьсяExperts have voiced a few rules of healthy eating that will help you not to gain weight.

The vast majority of people who have a tendency to be overweight or who gained excess pounds due to some serious health problems, noted that there are individuals who can eat everything and stay slim and beautiful. Why is this happening and how can I achieve the same result, that is, to eat everything and not get fat, said nutritionists.

These rules, according to experts, will help to curb your appetite or eat like before, but not better:

There are no restrictions. In any case, do not forbid yourself several times a week or even every day, but small portions, there are those products that are not low in calories. Forbidden fruit is always sweet and therefore you can not break, eating more than we really are. Just monitor the amount and do not overeat, especially before bedtime.

Adjust the set. In a small dish lot of food will not fit, so it is advisable to deal with overeating that is so, replacing all the plates smaller in diameter. Another beneficial effect on the psyche of the blue and green plates or with a pattern, which used these colors.

Meat less vegetables and more. The perfect formula for a proper meal. To ensure that meat is quickly digested in the digestive tract, it needs to eat together with plenty of greens and fresh vegetables. At the same time, the more you chew low-calorie vegetables, the faster will the feeling of satiety.

A lot of spices. Hot and spicy food faster gives the brain a signal about saturation and eat it a lot you are unlikely to succeed, so add spice to every dish and eat all you want.

Large role played by physical activity. The more moves the man, the less he has problems with health and figure including. Nutritionists recommend to devote 1-1. 5 hours a day of active exercise – walks, Jogging, exercises, training and so on, these classes will help to maintain weight or even lose weight.

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