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Thanks to these products your blood vessels somocistas

Благодаря этим продуктам ваши сосуды самоочистятсяThe doctors suggested what foods stimulate the circulatory system to cleanse.

24 hours vessels have to pass through the blood, but few people realize that poor diet, Smoking and alcohol destroys them from the inside, clogging toxins, toxins, bad cholesterol, an excessive amount of glucose and other substances, which have nothing to do with health.

Vessels need regular cleaning, otherwise they are narrowed due to cholesterol plaques and blood circulation slows down, causing a person starts to feel bad, and then he will develop even and diseases of the cardiovascular, nervous, digestive systems and so on.

Thanks to these products your blood vessels self cleaned:

– water in large quantities;

green tea;

– oatmeal;

– garlic;

– bananas;

– blueberries;

– barley;

– eggplant;

– beans;

– avocado;

– nuts.

All these foods are rich in different nutrients that contribute to self-purification vessels. With their help it is possible to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood. Omega-3 fatty acids, amino acids, antioxidants, potassium, flavonoids, fiber and that’s not all of the components contained in these products.

Doctors say that these products are useful not only for cardiovascular but also for the figure. Despite the fact that some of them are high-calorie and fatty foods, they are enriched with healthy fats, rich blood useful cholesterol which is involved in the structure of cells and tissues.

Regular use of these products will have a positive impact on the appearance of the person as they are natural antioxidants that stop the aging process.

Doctors recommend to include in your diet these foods as often as possible, especially if you – a lover of fast food and other non healthy food.

Consume daily suggested products or at least one or two from the list, then your vessels will to self-clean and you will be able to boast of their health.

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