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Thanks Hugo: Russia arming Venezuela to the teeth, but it will not help

Спасибо Уго: Россия вооружила Венесуэлу до зубов, но это не поможет

The world is waiting for a carrier-based squadrons of the US Navy in the Caribbean sea, the F-35 and b-2 bombers in the skies over Venezuela, the U.S. marine corps on the coast of the Atlantic ocean. Exactly the old-fashioned way see the scenario “expansion of democracy”, which is now Washington imposes Caracas. There will be no war in the classical sense.

On new technologies — support for the opposition, her arms, the involvement in hostilities of neighbouring States, removal of the current government (usually disloyal to the United States) facilitate the final collapse of the economy. And only then, achieving a state of civil war in the country, missile strikes, preferably consisting of a coalition. This they have demonstrated in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria.

So to fight the Venezuelan army, whose relative paucity compared to neighbors (123 thousand troops and 220 thousand of the national militia) kompensiruet modern weapons and training, the Americans do not have. But with the same Brazil and Colombia provoked by the United States may get involved in the border battles, the attacks of subversive groups.

The army of Venezuela in addition to direct combat abilities is a powerful tool of political influence in the country. It is no coincidence that opposition leader Juan Guido hurried prematurely to Express support for the protesters by the military, and he tries to hold an illegal meeting with the generals. President Nicolas Maduro also relies on the army and believes in her devotion and loyalty to the oath, as his predecessor Hugo Chavez, which the military kept on top.

In Moscow it is no coincidence that one of the streets (albeit small), named after the Venezuelan President — Hugo Chavez was not only a loyal friend of Russia, but also… a good merchant. Every visit ended with the signing of major contracts to supply weapons and military equipment. Sometimes for loans purchased weapons, but his bet on the rearmament of the army is the Russian samples definitely liked the Kremlin. Chavez is your idea not fully implemented, did not, but picked up the banner of Maduro and continued military contacts with Moscow. By the way, “the man with the uncertain status”, Guido has already said that he was going to revise the Russian contracts for the supply of arms. A street in his honor will be called except in Washington.

Of course, not all the weapons and military equipment of the army of Venezuela entirely Russian production, but they are the most modern in the army, air force and, of course, in defense. Back in 2006, here was raised the Kalashnikov AK-103 in an amount of about 100 thousand “trunks”. Of the armored troops replenished with 92 Russian tanks T-72B1 IN forming the basis of the armored fist. 123 upgraded BMP-3M with reinforced body armor, and modern fire control system, a turbocharged engine and a complex of active protection “arena-e” seem to be the best infantry combat vehicles Venezuelan army. Armored vehicles Russian-made BTR-80A, is supplied in the amount of 114 units, ideally suited for local climatic and geographical conditions and superior to the all existed before. In a self-propelled cannon artillery is fifty-152-mm self-propelled guns “Msta-s”, and jet are 24 MLRS “Grad” (122 mm) and 12 RSZO “Tornado” (300 mm).

Despite the fact that in a combat helicopter there are about forty American “helicopteros” transport and patrol purposes, strike group army aviation consists of ten Russian Mi-35M2, 16 multi-purpose Mi-17v5 and three heavy transport Mi-26. Proud air force of Venezuela are 23 Russian multipurpose fighter su-30МК2V that came to this country in the years 2006-08, but is still superior to the American F-16. Warmly welcomed in Caracas and the arrival of the Russian strategic bombers Tu-160, with accompanying heavy military transport An-124 and long-haul Il-62M, but it was more of a friendly visit. Well, or “zeroing” for new airbases. In any case, soon the Russian planes VC returned home.

Russian warships in the naval forces of the country not noted, and the Navy very small — 3 missile frigate (Italy), 2 torpedo submarines (Germany) and a few dozen patrol boats and artillery near Maritime zone.

The air defense system of Venezuela is the pride of not only the local anti-aircraft gunners, but also Russian specialists, who helped organize the deeply layered air defense system, “punch”. Played a role and Russian equipment, primarily anti-aircraft missile system long-range s-300VM that can effectively deal with aerodynamic targets at ranges up to 250 kilometers (detection range — up to 300 km) and at altitudes from 25 to 30 kilometers. Raised two battalions of these air defense missile systems, among which about thirty launchers. The second line of air defense — SAM “Buk-M2E (12 complexes) and upgraded s-125 “Pechora-2M (24 systems), which control the airspace at a distance of 30-50 kilometers. Immediate approaches to the securable cover 12 anti-aircraft missile complexes “tor-M1” several thousand man-portable anti-aircraft missile complexes “Igla-s” has repeatedly demonstrated its effectiveness in many armed conflicts.

Venezuelan army received their “toothy” is due to the supply of Russian weapons, including the latest, which significantly increased its combat readiness, — said the military expert Vladislav Shurigin. — It should be noted that upgrading here is not yet over and is somewhere in the middle of the road, so to speak of the excellence of the Armed forces of Venezuela earlier. Therefore, in the case of power conflict on its territory, they will have to face several difficulties. Do not take into account the imminent clash with the US, here the loss the official Caracas will be on all counts.

However, if Washington will decide on the next adventure with the “overthrow the regime”, in preparation for this operation will take a long time. Take Venezuela one jerk just will not work, so will require longer cooking, involvement in the conflict in third countries, including neighboring. So will have the Venezuelan army and its allies, including deals with Russia and China, which are unlikely to silently swallow such neglect on the part of the United States. However, it can approach the beginning of the third world, a feeling which is now hanging the last straw on the tip of a bayonet, ready to fall into a puddle of war to cause whirlwind.

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