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Thank you, comrade Stalin, for our happy childhood!

Спасибо товарищу Сталину за наше счастливое детство!

6 Jul 1936 appeared the slogan “Thanks to comrade Stalin for our happy childhood”. We have decided to recall, in consequence of which appeared the slogan, and here, a photo of Stalin with a little girl Gels Marquis.

Спасибо товарищу Сталину за наше счастливое детство!


Photo of the “Friend of children”; in the picture of the Gel Markizova, whose parents were subsequently arrested


The history of this phrase moves back to July 6, 1936, when he arrived in Moscow a delegation of the Buryat-Mongolian ASSR. It was headed by the first Secretary of regional Committee of Erbanov Micah, with whom for a meeting with the government in the Kremlin was attended by the Minister of agriculture Ardan Markizov with his wife (then a student at the Moscow medical Institute) and daughter Gels that really wanted to see the “leader of all peoples”.



6 Jul 1936 in Moscow, a delegation of the Buryat ASSR



At the meeting, Gel handed Stalin a bouquet of flowers with the words: “These flowers give You the children of the Buryat-Mongolia”. Touched by the leader lifted the girl in his arms and kissed her. This moment was captured by many of those present photographers and newsreel cameramen, and photo with the caption “Thank you, comrade Stalin, for our happy childhood!” bypassed in 1936, all the Newspapers of the country. The slogan is so liked government and citizens that subsequently legendary pictures began to paint, which was decorated with children’s institutions, posters were produced and even created a sculptural composition.

Спасибо товарищу Сталину за наше счастливое детство!


Joseph Stalin and Vyacheslav Molotov presented the Gel gifts



In publicistic literature about the history of the meeting of Stalin and Gels Marquis circulated a myth, according to which Stalin allegedly said Georgian Beria: “Momastore er of Teliani!” (“Get that lousy!“). But the fact that at that time Beria lived in Tbilisi and held the position of first Secretary of the Transcaucasian regional Committee of the CPSU (b), and in Moscow it will move only in 1938. Photos and newsreels of the meeting also captured the presence of Beria to Stalin. About this sentence also mentions in the interview itself Engelina Sergeevna. The falsity of this story says and granddaughter Engelsiny Sergeevna Daria Andreeva: “Say, holding the hands of my grandmother, Stalin told Beria “Mamachari aktiline” — that is, “get that lousy”, but it seems to me that this is mythology“.

Спасибо товарищу Сталину за наше счастливое детство!


Gel Markizova and Stalin in the newspaper “Izvestiya”, may 1, 1936








On the may day demonstration column of the very elderly bears the placard: “Thank you, comrade Stalin, for our happy childhood”. It runs up to someone in plain clothes:
— Are you kidding me? When you were a child, comrade Stalin was not yet born!
— For that he thanks!



Gel Markizova was the idol of all Soviet schoolchildren




The gel recalled that her “return to Ulan-Ude was a triumphant met me, later astronauts. Invited all bureaux. I was very popular for a year and a half…”. Gel soon became the idol of Soviet schoolchildren. At the same time greatly increased the sales of a sailor, and a haircut “under the skin” has become popular among Soviet children.


The death of their parents


In November 1937, when the Gel was a total of 8 years, her father, a member of the CEC of the USSR, people’s Commissar of agriculture Buryat-Mongol Autonomous Soviet socialist Republic, second Secretary of the Buryat-Mongolian regional Committee of the CPSU (b) — was arrested on charges of participating in a counterrevolutionary panmongolizma organizing and conducting counter-revolutionary spy and sabotage work. One of the reasons for the arrest Markizova and other leaders of the Buryat-Mongolian Autonomous Republic became a murrain swept in the summer season of 1937 the agricultural land of the Republic. Then fell 40 thousand heads of young animals.



Father Gels Marquis was shot June 14, 1938





The indictment of the NKVD of the USSR, which subsequently met Angelina S., stated:

“In October—November 1937 in the territory of the Buryat-Mongolian ASSR liquidated by bourgeois-nationalist, anti-Soviet, pan-Mongolian organization that conducted on the instructions of the Japanese intelligence service of the rebel, sabotage… One of the leaders of this organization was the Marquises… Under the leadership of Markizova big sabotage was conducted in the livestock building, in which the cattle were exposed to cold-related diseases and deaths. The waste of young animals amounted to 40 000 heads…”.

Спасибо товарищу Сталину за наше счастливое детство!


A fragment of the resolution on arraignment and remand in respect of Ardan Markizova (from the archive of the FSB of Russia)


Little Gel, believed that her father “no Japanese spy, not an enemy of the people”, dictated mother wrote a letter to Stalin. In this letter, to which she attached photos from the memorial reception, Gel wrote that her father was “an ardent Bolshevik, a devotee of the party and comrade Stalin personally, he fought in the Civil war and helped organize the Buryat-Mongolian Republic”. There was no answer. Ardan Markizov was convicted and received death sentences, 14 June 1938 he was executed.



Mother Gels Marquis was arrested and put in jail



The mother of the Gels, soon after the loss of her husband was arrested, imprisoned, and a year later was exiled with his daughter and son in Turkestan (South Kazakhstan region, the Kazakh SSR). In Turkestan Dominic worked in the city hospital the child’s doctor. Two years later, after they moved to Turkestan mother Gels, which was then 32 years old, was found dead on one of the night shifts. According to one version, she committed suicide. According to another version, the mother of the Gels was “killed under mysterious circumstances, the authorities of this crime are not even investigated“.



Mother Gels Marquis is found dead on one of the night shifts



In the future Angelina, according to her, managed to obtain from the archives of the FSB of Russia, the mother’s work, looking through which she found in one of the documents (this was a request, “the chief of the NKVD of Turkestan” in the name of the people’s Commissar of internal Affairs Lavrenty Beria this text: “Here is exile Markizova which keeps gifts from Stalin and five portraits of her daughter with the leader. What to do?“. Side of the message was done with a blue pencil the answer in one word: “Eliminate“that Angelina took as the final proof that her mother didn’t commit suicide: “it was clear to Me that she didn’t kill herself — she was just eliminated, killed. With his throat slit found her in the hospital“.


School and University


After the death of the mother of the Gel, together with his brother went to Moscow, because at the time, Dominic gave her a mandate: “If with me something happens, take your brother and go to Moscow to her aunt“. According to the Russian pedagogue Yevgeny Yamburg “Gel, orphaned for a long time lived in poverty and obscurity“.

According to the daughter Engelsiny Lola Komarova, at that time, the aunt who was only 12 years older than Gels, lived in Moscow with her husband Sergey Torbeeva. Approval Komarova, parent of the Gel Sergei Torbeev was a member of the NKVD of the USSR “on a small post like caretaker” and resigned “for the sake of the Gels”. The couple adopted the Gel and gave her his name (Torbeeva) and a new middle name (Sergeevna). With a new surname and patronymic of the Gel started school, located in the courtyard of his new home. The school teachers and students were aware of the fact that the girl depicted on the posters with Stalin. Angelina later said: “And the first thing I saw on the stairs, is a huge portrait of a girl with Stalin. Most likely aunt accidentally let it slip to the Director that I am. Began the moment the pilgrimage of the children all wanted to see me.”

Спасибо товарищу Сталину за наше счастливое детство!

Soon Angelina Torbeeva moved to Yoshkar-Ola, where she lived with her cousin geta (ARIMA). At this time, Yoshkar-olinskiy stadium “Spartak” was decorated with a huge poster, which shows Gel and Stalin. In 1947 she enrolled in the Mari state pedagogical Institute.



Gel Markizova died of a heart attack may 11, 2004




About the fate of Gels Marquis also planned to make a documentary (“Stalin and Gel“) and the Belarusian documentary filmmaker Anatoly Alai, who in 2004 was found with Checkoway and recorded the interview. There was an agreement on the filming of the documentary. In an interview to “Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus”, the Director said: “We have agreed that she will rest, to receive medical treatment, then we will get serious”. According to scarlet: “She really wanted to appear on television more beautiful, and went to Turkey to tan. Found her on a sun lounger without moving”.

May 11, 2004, Angelina S. died of a heart attack on holiday in Antalya, where she went with her son. The film “Gel and Stalin” was shot after the death Engelsiny Sergeyevna. The film was created spontaneously taken from 40 minute interview and the old cadres of the 1950s years, which I spotted in the archives.


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