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Than you can get sick in the summer

Чем можно заболеть летомCold drinks, ice cream, and especially air conditioners and drafts are major culprits of summer colds, sore throats and pneumonia.

Remember that the cool water (10-13 degrees) thirst quencher is not worse than the ice.

Bathing in cold water, sitting on the ground lead to hypothermia, which provokes the weakening of local immunity and infection in the body. The result is aggravated prostatitis, pyelonephritis, cystitis appears. Avoid long bathing, and after the “water treatment” remove the wet swimming trunks or swimming suit, do not sit on the damp earth, the grass.

To swim in a bathing cap or earplugs, some seem ridiculous. But ill external otitis no longer a laughing matter. Otitis externa is a tissue lesion of the ear canal, eardrum, and sometimes the ear. Water gets into the ear, causing irritation and infection. So do not neglect the rubber cap.

Do not take the example of battle-hardened athletes. Dousing with cold water or a cold shower daily in the heat cause stress in the body, which leads to the release of many biologically active substances, including glucocorticoids, which prevent the ingress of sugar from the blood into the cells. In the end, the level of sugar in the blood increases. Any kind of hardening it is necessary to develop gradually.
Summer is not a panacea for all diseases. In cool weather in good health people arbitrarily refusing medication or reduce their dose. If your doctor has prescribed treatment, you have just to follow it, to be treated not only to relieve the unpleasant symptoms of dizziness, headache, palpitations, etc., but also to prevent more serious consequences. This is especially true for hypertensive patients. For them to change doses of drugs — a dangerous mistake, because apart from good or bad weather there are plenty of factors that can lead to worsening of the disease from humidity to magnetic storms and moon phases.

Sunglasses is not just fashion accessory, but also a means of protection from ultraviolet sunlight that can cause damage to the eyes. If you are a long time in the sun, sunbathing on the beach or river, be sure to wear sunglasses that filter UV radiation.

Summer — time skin rashes. The nasty rash — prickly heat, resulting from blockage of sweat glands. We must remember that in the summer the skin needs to be not only clean, but also dry.

Bees and wasps — nasty attack that await us on the picnic. If you are stung, the first thing you need to remove a bee sting, if it remains at the bite site. After that, the wound wipe with ammonia or tincture of calendula. Usually bee stings go away in a few days and medical intervention is required. However, if you are allergic to the venom of bees, immediately call “ambulance”.

In the summer dramatically increasing the fluid intake, dilute the gastric juice, it becomes less hydrochloric acid, which has antimicrobial, disinfectant action. This increases the likelihood of food poisoning, any poisoning can cause exacerbation or cause of gastritis, pancreatitis, colitis. Essential for maintaining normal water balance of a minimum of 1.5 liters with an average temperature 21оС, 1.9 l, with a temperature of 26oC, and Z l at a temperature of 32oC. This includes water, juices, soups, “hidden” liquid fruits and vegetables. Adhering to these recommendations, it is not necessary to force yourself to drink because the excess water increases the load on the kidneys and heart.

Forget energy with high concentrations of caffeine. They increase heartbeat, blood pressure. The doctors discovered high levels of caffeine and taurine (the main compositions like beverages) have a negative impact on the heart and interfere with the action of drugs. “Synthetic pop” is a bright, soft drinks, more harmful than beneficial to health. Quench your thirst better than water, fruit drinks, fruit drinks, green tea…

Carefully choose the products, look at their shelf life and storage conditions. Remember that most quickly perishable dairy products, meat, sausage. Most of the microorganisms causing spoilage of food products, develop at a temperature of 18-20oC.

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