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Than was inspired by the Thriller “Away”?

Jordan Peele told what works were his inspiration while working on the script for “Away”. Many assumed that it was because of the films of Alfred Hitchcock and one of the most exciting thrillers of the last century “rosemary’s Baby” Roman Polanski. Well, probably, to some extent they were right, but their main muses MPI calls books.

We are talking about novels by prominent American writer Ira Levin: “the Stepford wives” and, in fact, “rosemary’s Baby”, which served as the basis for the Polanski film.

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That said Saws about their sources of inspiration:

“The Stepford wives” and “rosemary’s Baby”. Both Ira Levin. What they did to the Thriller genre, was a careful walk on a tightrope, through which appeared the image of the protagonist, which you rarely see in the genre these days. The protagonists are smart and they are alert and always have an excuse why the character is not screaming. It’s a dance on the edge of something strange and the fact how easy all of this can fit into reality. This technique I tried to use “Off”.

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Well, I, for one, have a reason to read the “Stepford wives”. There is more and the film adaptation is.

Well, until we wonder whether the “Off 2”, and waiting to see what the rewards will SNiP off the original. 5 nominations for “Independent spirit” is already there. Open the road and to the “Golden globe” however, there the cranks are sure that “Off” is a Comedy.

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